The Victorian trend is so fun and flirty this season. We love the gentle and vibrant colors, bold ruffles and detailed patterns that this trend brings.

Gentle & Bold Colors

Soft pastels and bold, bright colors add such a diverse element to your wardrobe. Just one piece from the Victorian trend will add the perfect pop to your look.

Pair a top of either option with a great pair of light wash, vintage denim jeans and an open toe pump. This is great for a Saturday brunch with your girls.

Bold Ruffles

These beautiful ruffles add the perfect amount of flare and elegance to a solid colored apparel item. The simplicity of this style adds just enough to your everyday outfit to make a fun and flirty impression.

Pair a bold ruffle top with a black, pencil leather skirt and a great pair of black booties. This look is perfect for the office. It is professional and trending forwarding.

Detailed patterns

These floral patterns in bold colors or pastels are perfect for your everyday looks, wither in office or out to lunch on the weekends, these patterns will add such an excellent element to your outfit.

Pair a floral dress with gladiator sandals and a great pop of color on your lips. Wear this after work or during work if you are in a creative environment, and on the weekends. This is so simple, but so easy and will provide a great fashion forward look to your everyday lifestyle.



off the shoulder


This off-the-shoulder trend is sleek, sexy and great for many occasions. We love how you can pair it with pants, jeans or wear it in a full dress.

Sleek & Sexy

Any time you are showing a little shoulder you have the element of sleek, sexy and classy. Less is more always, but especially when you show off the shoulders. It’s important in any pop or accent you have to keep it just that an accent. You don’t want to go overboard, because it loses its appeal.

Pair an off the shoulder top with some great cropped dress pants and a high heal. You want to show off the extravagance of the cut of the top and do not want to overwhelm the outfit. So keeping the other elements of this outfit simple, it accentuates the top perfectly. This look is perfect for date night.

Variety of Occasions

We love the versatility of this off the shoulder trend. Weddings, date night, out with the girls, this trend does it all.

For a wedding, pair an off the shoulder dress with a great sandal pump. Add a long earring, to add a fun and perfect accent to this look. You could also add some pretty bangle bracelets to the mix. No need to over accessorize this trend, as it already does so much in the cut of the fabric.

For a date night, pair a short off the shoulder dress with a great set of high pumps. Add a little fun and sexy feature with a pop of color to the lip.

For a girl’s night out, pick a fun color and add black to the mix. Pick a well-saturated green colored top and add a leather black skirt. Throw the hair up in a messy bun and add a really fun pop of color in earring and lip. Remember; keep it simple, this trend speaks well for its self.




The Spanish inspired trend is a perfect pop of color and pattern for your wardrobe this season. Out on the town, date night or to a wedding, this trend really does it all for you.

Pops of Colors

This trend is really doing it all for you with the well-saturated colors and textured look created through the fun patterns. Have fun with this one and add your own color to accessorize.

Pair a bright eye shadow, lip stick or nail color with a bold colored dress. Make sure that you are selecting the right color. For example, if your dress is a well-saturated purple and you want to pick another color to go with it, my suggestion is to look to the color wheel for advice.

color wheel


For a purple dress, I would recommend you choose a color from the opposing side of the color wheel, a complementary color. In this example I would choose a green or a yellow for the color pairing. You want to create a contrasted look with your colors, so it’s important to consult your color wheel when doing this.

Wither your style is Victorian, off the shoulders or that fabulous Spanish influence; you can make it work for your personal style. Don’t be afraid of colors and adding a fun complementary color to the mix.

Written by

Chenoa Garza




Whether you are running late or a busy mom always on the go, we found a few great tips and tricks to help you achieve a great look in the morning in 10 minutes flat.



Grab your tinted moisturizer, mascara and go. We recommend the tinted moisturizer, because you are able to skip the skin care steps in your morning routine, therefore saving a few extra needed minutes. Apply with your fingers, and you’re all set. Don’t forget those eyes. Even on busy mornings, it’s important to bring a little pop to the eye. This can easily be done with a few swipes of your mascara. We recommend you curl your lashes first and then apply mascara.





Don’t forget the lips. Bring a great pop to the lips and really finish your look with a bright color. This bright color will also make your face look more awake and fresh. We recommend you apply a gloss after the lip color, to bring more depth to the lip. If you want to save extra time, you can do this step in your office or on the elevator on your way to the office.







Grab your dry shampoo, brush hair and throw a little hair spray in for volume. Throw that hair up in a messy bun; finish off with a little hair spray to set. To prep for your busy mornings, showering the night before might be the best step for you.




Choose something simple and accessorize it with a few fun pieces. The easiest go to for an outfit choice in a busy morning would be to choose a black dress, or suit with a white collared shirt. This outfit choice is super easy to accessorize in just a few seconds. Grab either a few light jewelry pieces or one heavy statement necklace. Either option will complete your look just fine. To save more time you could also prep the outfit the night before.



Working these quick and easy tips and tricks into your busy morning routine will save time and diminish some of that early morning stress.


Written by,

Chenoa Garza