Let’s face it after a while your beautiful suit in a variety of shades is getting dull. What do you do to spice things up a bit, with remaining in the lines of professionalism? Your brand image is a reflection of who you are and what you represent. It’s just as important as the content and layout of your resume.


So let’s get started! Why is this whole self-improvement of your appearance issue so important anyway? We believe that people who look better in their physical appearance feel better about themselves. According to an article written by Tim Hyland, from the University of Pennsylvania, he quotes, Sarwer, a Penn Associate professor of Psychology in Psychiatry and Surgery and the nation’s leading expert in physical appearance. “My response to that is the evidence is pretty strong that people who improve their appearance tend to feel better about themselves (” We believe in addition to this that as an individual the better you dress, the better you feel and therefore the more positive you become. This positive attitude becomes contagious throughout your work environment. Therefore increasing energy and productivity in the company.



First, look to what you have already. You likely have a variety of suits in color and possibility cut. Take one piece from the suit and pair it with something NEW!

Second, look to what you do not have. Do you need to purchase maybe a bright colored necklace or jacket to add that extra piece of interest or flare to your look? Remember, grabbing that extra piece is easy to do. It’s just one piece that will make a difference. (For example: Take your black suit, break it up and purchase a bright skirt, wear it with a white colored shirt and a fun pair of pumps. You are all set to go and all you did was integrate a NEW skirt to change your look. You can also ditch the black suit jacket and swap it for a black trench coat.)



Third, get personal with your wardrobe. Maybe you need to begin again. Although this may seem a bit scary, I promise it is easier than you think. If you have been sick of the dull, boarding cut and colors you are consistently wearing, create a NEW plan of what you want to do. What is your personal brand image? How are you representing your company/yourself at once? This question will help determine how you approach purging and filling your wardrobe. Maybe gathering bold patterns and solid bright colors in apparel pieces and or accessories will help you get there. Remember it does not have to be complicated. When re-working your wardrobe, it is all about you and your lifestyle. (For example: Find a bold pattern in a few dresses and then pair with a bright colored jacket or accessory piece. Remember, you can always integrate an existing suit jacket with a bold pattern and a bright accessory.)



Fourth, start off small. If you have been dressing mono-chromatically for a long time, re-working bold patterns and bright colors into your wardrobe all at once may be a bit overwhelming. Instead of making this change all at once, choose small items over a period of time. Set a goal for yourself on items you want to eventually replace. (For example: Choose maybe a few solid colored dresses and pair with a neutral suit jacket. Another tip would be, taking your neutral suit, add a solid colored top and a corresponding colorful necklace. These small steps will help you grow into the personal style goals you have set for yourself.)




Remember, how you brand your style image is just as important as how you brand your image on your resume. First look to what you already have, second, look to what you do not, third, get personal and fourth make cuts that will help you achieve your goals.



 Written By,
Chenoa Garza