A new season calls for new makeup, new wardrobe and new hair. Maybe you are thinking you want to try something new this season? Check out three of our favorite hair color trends for this season and see which one fits you best as you fall fashion forward.


We're going to give the try-hard ombré trend from a few years back the benefit of the doubt and assume it meant to look more like January Jones' cool, casual, multi-tonal color, but lost the plot somewhere along the way. Good news is, this is way easier—add lowlights to the roots and subtle highlights to the ends or just start spacing out your touch-up appointments and embracing regrowth.


So, you don’t have a lot of time or money in the bank to get those needed hair touch ups? That’s okay, because a little outgrowth goes a long way. It is actually trending right now to go a little more natural with your color. I am not suggesting to go too far with this. But it is okay to let it grow out just a little more than what you are used to.


Hair looks polished and even—but still full of dimension—when it has tons of thin highlights in the subtlest shade level brighter weaved throughout. Olivia Palermo serves as the ultimate reference to take to your stylist.


Another really great hair color trend this Fall 15 season is a well polished and even highlights. The applications of several small highlights in a variety of shade levels creates a really great dimension and a fuller look. This look is really natural, but creates a great amount of depth to the overall color.


The portmanteau color of summer's midpoint isn't going anywhere come fall. Cara Delevingne blends light brown with caramel and buttery shades in such a way that it'd be impossible to take a hard stance in the brunette versus blonde debate.


Okay, the term in the hair world of, “bronde”, seems to be trending pretty heave right now. So what is, “bronde” anyways? It is literally the combination of both blonde and brown. Meaning that your stylist will be taking lighter browns, with some caramels, buttery shades in a combination that makes it hard to distinguish between blonde and brown. It’s a little bit of a mind game,, but overall a really fun and fresh trend.