What’s in your jewelry box this season?  Are you ready for a little dazzle to your everyday basics? We found just the perfect items to create the perfect extra piece just for you. You will be amazed how you can change your look from everyday cute to all day fabulous by just adding that one extra piece? Will you take your outfit in a different direction today?




You don’t have to be fancy to wear this beautiful piece. You can literally wear this bracelet with anything and absolutely anything. I love how the designers in the above photo paired this gold bracelet with a thicker, sweater material dress. The sweater material’s texture is drawn out further when paired with the gold bracelet. This bracelet does so much for an outfit so quickly. This look is absolutely perfect for that career girl on the go. Of course you can pair it with several other fashion apparel options as well. However I really love the textured sweater material with the gold bracelet. What a perfect combo!




Nothing says, “Let’s do this day!”, better than these earrings! We are falling fully fashioned forward for these beauties. Grab a heaver look for a dress or top, these earrings need the proper support to stay on the right track. I love how the designer in the above photo has carefully and strategically placed the heavy-stated, bamboo, hoop earrings with this leather, robe/metal accented apparel. As you walk your own runway through out your day, a great way to glam up your day is to pair these earrings with a fur/leather jacket, some great straight legged pants and a strong pump to steady the load of this look.




If you have been a fan of the statement necklace, get ready to continue your obsession! This Fall 15’, that little statement necklace grew up to an over-sized big girl necklace. This piece is more than a little extra; it’s all the way, crazy fashion forward and ready to transform your wardrobe into something really amazing. I am all about throwing a really big piece of jewelry with a very basic, straight cut apparel item. However, I also really love how the designer brought out the different elements in the necklace through a great, well-designed fashion apparel item. Pops of color and design in the apparel piece are exaggerated all the more through this overstated flower necklace. If you are in a creative business environment, throw this on with a great solid colored dress, or even a fun pattern and throw that hair up, you are all set. No need to wear too much makeup with this, as this necklace does it all for you. Perfect on the go!