We love picking our favorite things from our shopping trips! Finding the best out there is what we do and what we love!We have picked  three great items that hit the top of our list and will hopefully hit your list as well! Find out the best ways to integrate these picks into your everyday life!



I can not live with out this fantastic bracelet. It is perfect for that extra piece needed in any out fit. I absolutely love to wear it with a white collard shirt and a black jacket & vintage jeans, with my sleeves pushed up and letting that bracelet shine! What a great way to style my way through the day and it is so simple!



These earrings are such a great set of statement pieces. They are like a statement necklace for the ears. They are fancy, fashion forward and will be the perfect extra texture to your outfit. Wear it with a t-shirt and dark denim jeans and don’t forget a pop of red lips to add to the mix. No need for much makeup or anything else accessories wise, as these great pieces do it all for you. Easy styling created just for you by getting these pieces into your wardrobe.



I love nail polish ! There are so many different options out there on the market! One of my favorites, is the, XL, in apple green, by Cover Girl. They have done such a great job with this colorway. Wear it with all 8 nails green and two nails a great plumb purple. A growing trend is to have multiple colors on your fingers. I always love to wear fun patterns and prints with a pop of color. I think a pop of floral print in a fun cut dress would be super great with this color. Don’t forget your eyes in this. I love green and purple together, so wear a pop of purple on your lids and a nude lip and you’re all set to go.


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