So BB cream is totally trending right now in the beauty market! It can get confusing, as product marketers are also mentioning the need for CC and DD creams. What are these and are they even needed in your daily makeup routine?


Let’s start off with BB cream and it’s benefits. BB stands for: Beauty Balm. According to WEB MD, BB cream is all about saving money and space in your makeup bag & skin care. It is a skin care/ makeup product that will do the job of: moisturizers, primers, sunscreen, skin treatment, concealer and foundation. It is basically an all-in one skin/care makeup product.  A con to BB cream is it tends to be a little challenging to match your skin color. The best skin type for BB creams are: normal to oily skin, with light to medium skin tones, with no need for heavy moisturizers or an anti-acne product.

My recommendation is to use it if you need a quick fix and do not have a lot of time in your morning routine. Great for Moms on the go, or if you are traveling.


CC creams are great! According to, CC stands for Color correcting. it is a a lightweight and will quickly absorb into your skin. CC cream has light-diffusing particles that improve your skin tone and provide a great source of antioxidants.In addition to this, CC cream is full of great radical fighters, such as: green tea and C & E vitamins. This combination will assist in your skin staying sunspot free and wrinkle free. Who doesn’t want that? So for those of you who need color correcting, this CC cream option is really great for you!

I recommend, because it does absorb into your skin rather quickly, to make sure your skin is clean and you have a great makeup brush to apply evenly to your skin.


DD creams also have some really wonderful benefits. According to, DD stands for, Daily defense. This product also has SPF, moisture retention, evens skin tone overall. This DD cream was intended for areas that are dry like: feet, knees and elbows.

I recommend this product if you need a little more moisture in your skin. Great skin types would be: dry skin. Great if you have had a little too much sun or during those winter months.


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