Spring/Summer Trends 2015

I am absolutely loving the 2015 Spring/Summer fashion trending right now! They are full of fun, flirt and fashion forward elements, creating a series of great designs into beautiful trending RTW items. According to http://www.Vogue.com,a few of the trends this Spring/Summer are: Denim, lace & sheer. These trends are easy to incorporate in your every day life! How will you wear them?


Mix and match those denim washes this season, with the latest and greatest fashion denim trend! I love this trend, so easy to work in the everyday girl’s wardrobe. Dress up or dress down with this great look! Wear a simple set of great sandals  with a denim dress. Or maybe jeans and t-shirt is more your style, then this trend will suit you best! Throw on a vintage t-shirt and patch work jeans to trend your way through the Summer months! Be yourself, and be fashion forward!



Get fun, flirty and romantic as you step into this lovely lace trend! Lace this season is found to be on a wider scale! Designers have worked their magic on the cut and shape of the apparel item to make it easy for even the everyday girl to incorporate into her wardrobe. So maybe you are not walking the runways each day, but day or night, this lovely lace can trend it’s way through your activities. Business/causal work environments can be challenging to activate those trends, but wear a little lace top under your business suit. This pop of lace will help you feel fun, free and girlie! Just a little goes a long way!



Love this sheer look trending this season. Many may think, sheer is too risky or indecent for an everyday wardrobe. However, I would disagree on this. It’s all about the use of the trend. It’s important to understand the trend and learn how to work with it, to be modest and fit your everyday life. Pair sheer material with lace and a camisole beneath, providing a great look, but modest and likely appropriate for your day. Wear it on a date night  with vintage jeans and pair it with a pop of color in the lip and pump! Don’t forget a few simple bangles and necklaces to complete that look! Being fabulous and sheer with out bearing it all is a great way to flash forward this season!




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