Let’s walk down the runway together and review the latest and greatest shoe trends for this season! These great styles are a really fantastic approach to making your wardrobe Fall ready.


The main idea in color is that two are better than one, done up in subdued hues for a lesson in chic restraint. 
Pictured: Fendi

Color blocking is not secret and no surprise, as it is a consistent style with in the fashion industry for some time now. Pick out a great pair of denim jeans and pair your favorite fur coat with these beauties, and you are all set to wear this great booties.


Brunello Cucinelli

Okay, so it’s a common trend that we have seen for years and years that fur is a really great and wonderful part of Fall fashion. This Fall, Fur has gone to your feet. When this trend is designed correctly, it can actually be a very cool trend to wear in your everyday life. I love a pair of cropped black paints and maybe a textured jacket with it. You are showcasing many great Fall trends all in one outfit this way.


Emilio Pucci

Patch work is shown in both fashion apparel and shoes this Fall! And we just love this trend! This style allows you to be busy and still look great! All black, a few really great accessories and these beautiful booties, and you’re all set to start your day!



We pulled two of our favorite jackets to wear this Fall 2015 season from our Fashion stylist’s closet. We just adore the texture and color that each of these looks bring.



Love this jacket. This textured, tweed jacket is actually trending right now. This type o jacket was recently shown at Channel’s Fall 2015 Fashion show. They paired it with a white, dress shirt. I love having the white sleeves pop out of the sleeves of the jacket. It gives it such a full and fun look overall. I would pair this look with some boyfriend jeans and a few of your favorite pearls. So easy to style forward this Fall.



This is a great piece to add to your Fall 2015 wardrobe. Great with a black jumpsuit, dress or of course jeans. I love the contrast between the light denim and dark red and black. Such  great combination, especially for Fall. Because of the cut, texture and material, this particular piece does a lot for you, so add maybe a chain necklace and a few black necklaces to complete sort of a rocker-chic look. Love styling for Fall! So easy and so fun.


We did our research and found some really great makeup looks trending for Fall 2015! We found great ways to integrate these makeup trends into your wardrobe through out the Fall 2015 season!


Dolce & Gabbana


This trend is no surprise to us. We have seen that little red lip trending for a while. But according to,, it is rolling in bigger this season than before. Great shades of red are being shown, such as berries, oranges, burgundy and of course a deep red. I love to pop a little red  lip for that extra piece of color to an outfit. The red lip is not just for a nighttime event, bring it into your office day too. Black suit, great white collared shirt, a few gold pieces of jewelry and a quick pop of red on the lips. What an instant trend update! You’re ready to face your day right!




The cat eye has been trending for a little while. However Fall 2015 brings it in thicker and more artistic. This is a really fun look to pull off for the Fall season. It would be really pretty if you took your eye liner and filled it in, then came by with a pretty dark eye shadow and filled it in. This is almost the combination of both the smokey eye and cat eye look. We love how dramatic this look is. This one is perfect for a special event in your life. And what’s great about this look, is that you don’t have to do too much with your hair, as the dramatic cat eye really does it all for you. A quick up duo  and you’re all set to go.


Put aside your taupe sculpting powders and stock up on warm peach and rose blushes that make you look like you just went on a brisk, wintry walk (the look makeup artist Lynn Desnoyers went for at Kate Spade), spend your days gallivanting around the Wild West like the "pretty, urban cowgirls" at Ralph Lauren (left), or go by the name Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy (Michael Kors's inspiration).


Contouring, according to is so last season. Incoming hot trend, is that nude, natural, peach and rose look. Keep it clean, flirty and fresh, as you Fall into this season with a little less weight in your makeup bag. We love combinations of different blushes together. We recommend mixes a few colors together to give a great color, yet maintaining the great freshness and simplicity that this natural trend brings you. This look is perfect for that busy girl on the run 24/7. Throw on a great outfit, maybe even throw your hair up in a fun bun and you’re all set to go.


We are back this week with some of favorite things. We love to find the best items out on the market and share our thoughts on them. Let’s see what we found this week.



We found this gorgeous necklace in a resale shop. We made a mad dash for this as it caught our eye immediately as  entering the store. Great detail in design and fantastic  use of a great assortment of different gems and pearls. The gun metal is the perfect metal type to use for this necklace, because it adds the necessary boldness the design of the necklace is striving for. From jeans and a t-shirt to a special event with a great dress, this necklace defiantly does it all for your wardrobe.



We found the white pearls in a resale shop and the gunmetal in a great store in a local mall. It’s all about going back to the basics and making them your own. We could blog all day on the variety of options you have with pearls. They are such a great classic trend that is a fantastic staple and must have in your wardrobe. Our stylist often times find themselves wearing a combo of pearls and hair up in a messy bun with a great collared shirt and dress pants. They have also been one to wear them with jeans and a t-shirt. Whatever your style is wear them with confidence and make them your own.



We love this one! We found it in a resale shop as well!  Feather have been seen in Spring/Summer 2015 trends. A very easy way to take your outfit from drab to fab. We love paring this necklace during the summer with a maxi dress. It is so easy to be fashion forward with very little effort. There are so many other ways you can incorporate this great trend into your wardrobe.


Culottes are trending right now and are seen in September’s 2015 issue of Cosmo magazine. Are they for you? How in the world do you pair the right top and accessories with them? And wear do they come from?


According to,, Culottes started out in men’s furnishings, during the Renaissance era. Men who were part of a higher, upper class society wore them. Materials used to make these unique pants were: silk. During the Victorian Era, these odd pants made it’s way in Woman’s apparel. But these wardrobe staples were much more than fashion apparel to woman of that time. Instead culottes stood for freedom of many years of feeling restricted under a skirt. It was time for a change and culottes made a big shift in that. Fast forward to current trends and you can find them during Fall 2014 runways and even this year, in Spring 2015 runway shows.



Okay, so although they do look a little strange, they are actually pretty easy to style. For denim, pair them with a denim shirt. add a fun wedge sandal and you’re all set to go.


Another and maybe my favorite way to style these pants, is cropped tops. Treat the culottes like a skirt. A growing trend  right now is a cropped top paired with a short or long skirt. Do the same with the culottes, and pair this dynamic duo with a pair of tall pumps! This will lengthen the leg, creating height, that the culottes sometimes can take away from your body.


No matter if you are styling culottes up or down, they can be styled in such a way that you will look trendy, fun and unique! Don’t forget those accessories! They will make or break the look! Pairing any of these looks with just a few bangles and a pop of color in the lip, and a fun statement necklace will really bring great life into this look. Learn it, love it, do it!


We love picking our favorite things from our shopping trips! Finding the best out there is what we do and what we love!We have picked  three great items that hit the top of our list and will hopefully hit your list as well! Find out the best ways to integrate these picks into your everyday life!



I can not live with out this fantastic bracelet. It is perfect for that extra piece needed in any out fit. I absolutely love to wear it with a white collard shirt and a black jacket & vintage jeans, with my sleeves pushed up and letting that bracelet shine! What a great way to style my way through the day and it is so simple!



These earrings are such a great set of statement pieces. They are like a statement necklace for the ears. They are fancy, fashion forward and will be the perfect extra texture to your outfit. Wear it with a t-shirt and dark denim jeans and don’t forget a pop of red lips to add to the mix. No need for much makeup or anything else accessories wise, as these great pieces do it all for you. Easy styling created just for you by getting these pieces into your wardrobe.



I love nail polish ! There are so many different options out there on the market! One of my favorites, is the, XL, in apple green, by Cover Girl. They have done such a great job with this colorway. Wear it with all 8 nails green and two nails a great plumb purple. A growing trend is to have multiple colors on your fingers. I always love to wear fun patterns and prints with a pop of color. I think a pop of floral print in a fun cut dress would be super great with this color. Don’t forget your eyes in this. I love green and purple together, so wear a pop of purple on your lids and a nude lip and you’re all set to go.


I just love the Fashion styles trending right now for Fall 2015. Let’s see how you can look your best as we walk our way down the Fall 2015 runway together!


floor duster fl 15

Floor duster coats are a must have for your Fall 2015 wardrobe. This coat is the perfect statement, with the over-sized buttons and dramatic slit down the center. Wear it with denim, work apparel or running errands. It’s such a great transitional outfit for any part of your day.



I absolutely love a great white blouse. There are so many options you have with a well designed white blouse. Wear it with jeans and pumps, to work with a great pair of black pants or out on date night with a leather mini skirt! Don’t forget that extra piece of accessories to make it pop! Pair it with a great statement necklace or a set of bangles.



How fabulous is this patchwork trend? Love how fun and easy it is to accessorize this trend! Play it up with a big statement necklace, or play it down with a few bangles and a hoop earring option and a fun belt. Either way because patchwork is such a really fun and busy pattern, you don’t have to do much with it.