Fashion For Men

Versace’s Spring 2014 Fashion Show

Professional, youthful, edgy and strong are the Versace men. Not afraid to be bold and daring in their fashion apparel. Ready to face the world, looking professional, fresh and sheek.

Suits, leather , trench coats were some of the  styles that were hot at Versace’s Spring 2014 Fashion Show. Clean-cut, slim-fit suits were perfectly paired with white collared shirts and a neutral mid-width tie.  You can easily pair the suit jacket, shirt and tie with a pair of dark denim jeans and dress shoes and you have the perfect casual Friday look for the office. Leather jackets were paired with leather skinny pants to achieve an edgy, sheek look. Easy to place this jacket with vintage jeans and a collared shirt for a night out. Full-length trench coats were featured in the traditional khaki color way. This look is perfect for any casual or business casual environment.

Bold streaks of both colors and neutrals were painted on the models, and some of the clothing as well. This artistic approach, gave a playful, yet sophisticated feel to the overall theme of the show. Unexpected, but gave a remembering twist to the designer’s Spring 2014 line. It’s important to leave your mark on everything you do as a designer and for Versace, he certainly did for this show. How will Versace inspire you  this Spring 2014 season to leave your mark?






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