2014 Brides

A new year and a new bride! Planning your wedding for 2014? There are some fantastic ideas for you this year!

Check out the things you’ll need from the dress to the cake to make 2014 the year of your wedding!

That Dress

2014 wedding trends for the year


Soft blush, flowers make this dress light, and fresh! Pairing it with a light and fluffy veil is the perfect way to complete this look for the 2014 bride! Find crystal large scale earrings, and blush/satin, open-toe shoes to style this beautiful bridal look! I am so in love with this beautiful look! Is this the dress for you?


hair 2014


That braid is showing up again this year! It was super hot last year, spring/ summer! Flowers and braids are one of the hottest hair trends for brides this year! Will this complete your look?

Color Theme

color themes for 2014


Pastels and simplicity is one of the hot trends this 2014 for weddings! Grab your lace, flowers, old vintage furniture, and bring everyone to the outdoors for your special day! Garden flowers, vintage place settings and custom made name tags is the must! I am just loving this concept as it is perfect for a spring wedding or summer wedding!




Punch out flower styled invitations, unveil the invitation of the year! This is what all your guests will see and love! This is the first impression of your wedding and an expression of you and your new husband! Will this be your first impression of your wedding day?




I’m loving this cake, clean, fresh and ready for your wedding! Clean, white base, with a pale blue transition of color at the top! The dynamic color scheme of fresh flowers and bright pop of flowers! this is your cake for your year!

Send Offs!

send offs


Send off you and your new husband in a grand way! Fireworks and an old fashion car are the perfect way that you can do it big for your send off!


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