Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Falling for those shoes!

 Falling for those shoes!

All strapped up Pumps


These pumps were hot at this year’s New York Fashion show. They are  slim, slender , and sleek. A classic pump, jazzed up with a simple color contrasting strip across the middle of the pump or with a simple ankle strap. It is amazing what a little strap can do to a simple pump. Wear it with your favorite flower print or army print, cropped paint. Or pair it with a simple, black pencil skirt. Make is casual with a pair of your favorite skinny jeans. How will you fall into these shoes this season?

Short, suede Booties


These, low heel, pointed toe, black suede booties are another top pick for your Fall 2013 shoe collection! I love the exposed, sliver zipper and western inspired top and over all style. Because of the color and fabric type, you can go both casual and casual dressy. Wear them with your skinny jeans for a causal look. Perk them up with a floral print, and a black leather jacket to make them a bit dressy/casual. What possibilities will these shoes have in store for you?



The oxford shoe is still trending. You have seem them through out Summer 2013 trends, only in a lighter fabric type. You have also seen them in summer, with pieces of the shoe cut out, making it cool for summer. Well, they are continuing into the Fall now as well. The biggest difference that you will find, of course, will be the colorways and fabric types. For fall, you will see suedes and leathers, as well as darker colorways, such as: deeper taupes, tans, browns and blacks. Live them up! They are for those of you who love that preppy look. Wear them with a Ralph Lauren collared shirt, jean cropped paints. How will you wear these?


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