Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Smoking Hot Makeup Fall 2013 Trends

Smoking Hot Makeup Fall 2013 Trends

It’s all about the smoky eye for this Fall 2013 Season!  You will find a smoky eye, paired with a nude/neutral lip. This not only places the focus on the eye, but it also balances the entire makeup look. A great rule to remember is to never do a bold eye lid and a bold lip color. It’s all about balance, and you need to treat it like you would with a pattern. Just as you would not wear all leopard print and maybe just one or two pieces of it, the same goes for a smoky eye and bold lip. Do one or the other, but not both together. Be bold, be fierce and be balanced!

Smoky Eye

fall 2013 makeup smoky eyee


I love the perfect balance between smoky eye lid and nude lip. Notice how the blush is with in the same color family as the lip color way. A rule to remember is to have your lip color and blush color be in the same color family, because this creates an even flow and unity in the statement. Also, having both the lip color and blush color in the same color family helps in making the smoky eye pop more. Because your eye is drawn immediately to the darker, bolder statement, smoky eye. Don’t be afraid to try new colors that can be applied in a smoky method. In fact we are seeing fun colors this season!

Mac’s Fall 2013 Makeup line


Using any of these fun colors is a great way to be smoking hot this Fall season! We are finding that a lot of the colors that were used in the Spring/Summer Fashion, are now being placed in the Fall season’s makeup. I just love these vibrant, bright colors. You can see a touch of the 80’s coming back, once again, through Mac’s new Fall makeup line. Be careful with these, as you want to make sure to apply with a brush, to create a smooth transition from side to side of your eye lid.

Merle Norman’s Fall Makeup line &

Merle Norman has done a fantastic job this season of creating the perfect makeup line! I love the bold, smokey eye looks! Each color palette creates that perfect polished, high fashion look for you to be smoking hot this Fall. The pink lip  color is fabulous! Bold, bright and hot! To create that perfect smokey eye look we have been talking about, use either eye shadow color palette, along with that nude lip color. Use brushes to apply and do not forget your eye lid primer, as it will ensure your eyeshadow color stays fresh all day long. Using a lip primer is also key to keeping your lips clean and crisp!


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