Weddings: Fall into the Perfect Dress

Fall into the perfect dress

Fall 2013 is full of bold and heavy statements on the runways. You will find black/grey color ways, slits, suits, rough textures, mixture of fabrics and leather and fur. We are finding these bold and heavy looks on the runways are also making their way down the isle as well.

Vera Wang, Fall 2013


Vera Wang is such an amazing and talented designer! Each and every design is so unique and yet you can spot one her fantastic designs a mile away, as she has placed a beautiful mark of each of her designs. I love this particular dress! You can see she has combined fabrics of lace and chiffon, along with creating a dramatic and bold statement in design.  This dress is form-fitting and perfect for this model’s body type.  This dress is perfect for the bride who is classy and trendy! She likes change, but doesn’t want that change to go too far away from being a classy person. Perfect for the Fall bride! It’s bold, strong and beautiful! Will you fall into this dress?

Bold and Fierce


Bold and fierce! There is nothing safe about this dress! You don’t fall into this dress, you jump in and get ready for the ride! This is for a very specific bride type. She must be fashion forward, strong and ready to face any challenge that comes her way. This bride does not take no for an answer, she problem solves and know what she wants. This is for the strong, bold and outgoing bride.

Rough Textures


Rough textures and falling pieces of fabric form a beautiful wedding gown. This is the perfect dress for the bride who wants a sweet, soft look, coupled with dramatic rough textures and cuts o fabric. You can most definitely fall into this dress this Fall season. I love the simplicity of this dress in form, and how the rough textures add that perfect piece of drama that is such a hit this Fall.


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