Fashion/Hair/Makeup: 2 Must-haves for your skin

2  Must-haves To make your Body glow and stay smooth



Exfoliation is not just for your day at the spa, it actually is a must-have for you everyday. Your skin is your largest organ on your body and it gets a build up of skin cells everyday on the surface of it. So it’s important to make sure that everyday you get rid of that build up. Using any old exfoliate will not do. In fact, it could do more harm than good. A little rule of thumb when purchasing your exfoliate, is to make sure the beads are, “micro beads”. The smaller the better. If you get a product with larger beads, through out time you will find that you begin to have broken capillary on your skin. This means, that you have created too much pressure on your skin. Although laser therapy can help treat this, because it cuts off the blood supply to the capillary.

Body Lotion


Using a good lotion may make your skin feel smooth, but using a great lotion will make your skin actually be smooth throughout your skin layers. Many lotions on the market are only superficially helping your skin.  Find one that gets beneath the surface of the skin. Your skin will thank you! You will most defiantly see the difference!


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