Weddings: Spring/Summer 2013 Bridal Gown Trends

Spring/Summer 2013 Bridal Gown Trends

Vintage and Fabulous


Vintage in style, this dress does so many wonderful things! I love how the lace and shape of this dress is fresh for this season, but also very 1960’s inspired. Wear bright red lips, long lashes, and a neutral eye for this, with a soft pink blush for the cheeks. The red pop in your lips with make sure you are the focus of the event, but at the same time, it will allow the dress to a beautiful piece of artwork that will stand out for your special day! Your guests will never forget you, your beautiful day and most importantly your outstanding, vintage dress.

Lace and fluff


I love this dress! The way the fabric hugs the curves, and the neckline accents the bust. It’s light, and dramatic all at once! Where your hair down, and curly. A smokey eye and neutral lips will set this dress off perfectly! Let’s not forget to dazzle them all with some shiny sparkle. Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. Find unique, vintage, diamond pieces that create a statement and pair them with this dress!

Vera Wang


Vera Wang is one of my very favorite designers. She is very design savy and takes extreme innovative approaches to her design strategies.  Without missing a beat ,Vera has created the perfect balance of simplicity, drama and a figure favorable design. What’s really cool about her designs is that, although they are very much of a statement, the design makes the bride look her best, with out overpowering her, but making her shine more on her special day.  Hair up and loose, brown lids, glowing cheeks, and a pop of pink with set this look off perfectly!


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