Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Summer 2013 Hot Jewelry Trends

Summer 2013 Jewelry Trends



I love this designer line  of jewelry! Heavy metal and bright beads, with a unique design, all creates a bold and yet sophisticated statement! Perfect style and color ways for this Summer 2013 look! Wear with t-shirt and jeans, or with your little black dress.

” Dannijo was introduced to the world through social media and is well clued up on how to use a good hashtag. This business has been 5 years running and they are not just stopping there.” To purchase these pieces, and see more items like this visit:

Tori Burch


Tori Burch’s collection is perfect for this Summer 2013! Warm and bold color ways, wrapped into a heavy and very artistic design. Wear this to the office, if it’s a creative environment, a night out with the girls, or date night with your man, or a new guy in your life! With Tori Burch’s collection, you can not go wrong!

To purchase, and view other pieces for this collection visit:

Citrine by the Stones


“Spanish surrealist painter, Remedios Varo, inspired the Stones for their spring summer 2013 collection. The jewelry pieces mirror the artist’s sense of fantasy and translate the traditions and myths that influenced her work.”

Bangles, hoops, cuffs and more! This designer does it all! I love her unique and interesting flare of design that each piece holds. Wear these pieces and you will be ready to face this Summer 2013! Perfect for that special dress, or the beach! Throw a bangle, a pair of earring with your favorite hat and swim wear and you are ready to hit the beach in style!

To purchase these beautiful pieces and more, visit:


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