Fashion/Hair/Makeup: That little cocktail purse

That little cocktail purse

It’s amazing what a little cocktail purse can do to perk up your outfit! Wearing just jeans, white collared shirt and some pumps is the perfect outfit, when paired with the perfect little purse! A purse can serve in many ways as jewelry, adding the perfect finishing touch to make it all work together and create all the oohs and aahs from others.



I love this purse! Both metallic gold solid and snake skin pewter patterns form the cutest cocktail purse. Dress it up or dress it down.



The perfect white collared shirt! You likely have this already in your personal wardrobe!


Place it with vintage, light washed denim jeans! I love how the design and pattern formed in the jeans matches the design and pattern in the purse!


Finish this look with the shoes! Have the shoes match the cocktail purse through the snake skin pattern! This outfit as a whole is perfect if you want a casual, dressy, fashion forward look!



Channel, a great brand and a fashion foundation to many designer lines. Coco Channel was a fashion genius in her day, and now her fashions have lived far beyond her expectations! I love the simplicity of the design, shape and overall style. The lilac purple color is fresh, young and perfect for summer and spring seasons.



The romper dress is all the rage 2013 spring/summer seasons! Paring that purple, channel with it, is color blocking at it’s best!


Finish the look with combining both the purple from the clutch and the blue from the dress. You are now set, to be young, fresh and fashion forward!



How divine is this little cocktail purse! I love the immaculate detail and design  that this purse holds! Use this purse to dress up any outfit, but most appropriately, would be a dress and heals!



Continuing the theme of color blocking, I choose to match the blue, diamond crusted cocktail purse with this orange, dress. I love the simplicity of the dress and how with just a touch of the design and detail from the purse, it goes from cute to outstanding!


The perfect outfit is now completed by these famous ladies! Many times respectfully mentioned in Sexy n the City, by Miss Carrie Bradshaw. Manolo Blahnik shoes are one of the most famous shoes in the market! Their theme is high standards, clean lines, and high fashion. Pairing these shoes with both the dress and the purse is the perfect finish to this look!


Weddings: Makeup

Wedding Makeup

Red Lips


I love this look! With just a pop of red on your lips, you are ready for your wedding day! This look would go perfectly with a lacy dress.

Smokey Eyes


Smokey eyes are perfect if you want to do dark color ways for bridesmaids dresses. This is a dramatic approach to your look, so you need to make sure to have a dress to matc!

Natural Women


Kim does a great job of looking beautiful, as her natural beauty shines through! Her look would be perfect for most dresses! I would love it for a simple dress as well.

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Summer 2013 Swimwear

Summer 2013 Swimwear

Hot and ready to trott


It’s all about the one piece, cut out for swimwear trends this Summer 2013! Sexy, trendy and cool design patterns! I love these!

High Wasted/Sixties Inspired


The sixties are back and are showing up in our swimwear this season! You will find high wasted, boy-shorts, paired with a bikini top, as well as full piece styles.

Lingerie/Sixties Inspired


Full piece, uniquely designed swimwear, has a touch of lingerie and sixties design flare. Lace, sheer mesh, and more create this collection’s uniqueness.

Weddings: Wedding Manicures

Wedding Manicures

What will your wedding nails look like? Are you more simple and delicate, or would you prefer something a bit more dramatic, but not too over stated? I love these three options! Which one will you choose for your special day!

Simple and Pretty


The perfect manicure for a wedding! Simple with a touch of design! I love the flower pattern on just the one nail per hand! Will this be your manicure for your wedding day?

Diamond Sparkles


With just a touch of sparkle, you will have the diamond nails of your wedding dreams! I love how much a little sparkle can add to you look!

Bows and Pearls


How adorable is this? Very unique and glamorous! Perfect if you are that diva, drama queen bride!

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Summer 2013 Hot Jewelry Trends

Summer 2013 Jewelry Trends



I love this designer line  of jewelry! Heavy metal and bright beads, with a unique design, all creates a bold and yet sophisticated statement! Perfect style and color ways for this Summer 2013 look! Wear with t-shirt and jeans, or with your little black dress.

” Dannijo was introduced to the world through social media and is well clued up on how to use a good hashtag. This business has been 5 years running and they are not just stopping there.” To purchase these pieces, and see more items like this visit:

Tori Burch


Tori Burch’s collection is perfect for this Summer 2013! Warm and bold color ways, wrapped into a heavy and very artistic design. Wear this to the office, if it’s a creative environment, a night out with the girls, or date night with your man, or a new guy in your life! With Tori Burch’s collection, you can not go wrong!

To purchase, and view other pieces for this collection visit:

Citrine by the Stones


“Spanish surrealist painter, Remedios Varo, inspired the Stones for their spring summer 2013 collection. The jewelry pieces mirror the artist’s sense of fantasy and translate the traditions and myths that influenced her work.”

Bangles, hoops, cuffs and more! This designer does it all! I love her unique and interesting flare of design that each piece holds. Wear these pieces and you will be ready to face this Summer 2013! Perfect for that special dress, or the beach! Throw a bangle, a pair of earring with your favorite hat and swim wear and you are ready to hit the beach in style!

To purchase these beautiful pieces and more, visit:

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: 2013 Independence Day Fashion

2013 Independence Day Fashion

What are you wearing for the 4th of July this 2013? Here are three fabulous options that you will love to wear!



I love this look! Vintage denim shirt, silk colbot blue skirt, sequin silver purse and shoes,

all tied together with a 4 strand beaded necklace.



Red, white and blue striped laced tank, with a white sequin underlay, paired with white shorts and topped off perfectly with a dash of red.



Blue color blocked pumps with a blue chiffon, sleeveless, ruffled top.Pair this with a vintage, denim shirt and you are ready to go.