Weddings: Help your wedding hit a home run!

Weddings:  Help your wedding hit a home run!

Batters up for your wedding day? If you love sports and want to incorporate that love with your love on your special day, then check out what we have! Great  budget friendly ideas to help your wedding hit a home run!

Photo Ideas


Make this affordable for your budget. Go to Goodwill and  get old shoes, base ball diamonds and baseballs and have your photographer take photos of you and your happy hubby with those props. Also fun to have a photo booth with these props!  Another thought is to  go to your local park, where there is a baseball field and take pictures there!

Place settings


Make this fit your budget! Red construction paper, Goodwill candles, and baseballs, dishes,etc. This will cut your dinning decor’ budget more than half of the cost. An alternative to the red tablecloth could also be to take a white sheet , cut into a giant circle and draw baseball stitching on it, as if it’s a great big baseball! Brush with a little gold dust on the stiching, to add a little depth to it.

Base ball Cupcakes


Gather your family, friends, neighbors up and have them make the cupcakes. Buy a bunch of $1 boxes of vanilla cupcake mix and frosting and you have reduced your costs of wedding cake significantly. Make it personal and add a flag with your names or photos on it!

Groomsmen’s Shoes


Go online to and see if you can get different colored and styled baseball shoes.It’s likely they won’t  cost too much! Another option is to go to goodwill or a second hand clothing shop, ebay.

Wedding Favors


Make it more adorable by using construction paper and a custom-made stamp with ribbon. Grab some wine, a few movies and your bridesmaids and make them up in a night! Have fun with it!


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