Weddings: Men’s Fashion

Weddings: Men’s Fashion

Although the bride is the most important part of the wedding day, the men in the wedding are also important! The men must fashion after the bride and wedding theme! Be creative and have fun with this! Now a days, there are many doors open to different, creative fashion for men for weddings! Let their fashion be a really fun and creative accent and or part of the wedding theme!

Summer Wedding/ Preppy


I love this option!  A little touch of eighties with the colored jeans, however pairing it with the black blazer, white collared shirt and tie to match pants, it is a very preppy look for a wedding!  Why not do this? Who says you have to have your guys wearing the traditional all black or all grey suit! If it fits your wedding theme do it! This particular outfit for your men, would pair perfectly, with white lace dress for bride, simple, tea length, teal dresses, as the girls and bride have baby’s breathe for flowers. Simple, classy and fashion-forward preppy! This look is a must have for a boat, or beach, or even a summer wedding!

Outdoor Summer Wedding


How cute is this option? Very fresh and young! I love the contrasting bone colored shoe against the slate grey dress pants. Pairing the shoes and pants with the crisp, white colored shirts, and topped of with dark burgundy suspenders, bow ties and different colored handkerchiefs are the perfect summer/ outdoor wedding look for your men’s fashion! Picture bride wearing a simple, strapless ,wedding gown, with a cage veil and bright colored flowers of all shapes sizes and kinds, as she walks down the isle, laces with daises and mason jars filled with candles. Each bridesmaid will wear lace nude, tea length dresses with daises. For decor, you can have old chalkboards with menus, wedding schedule, etc..Throw old couches and benches for guests to sit on! Perfection for an outdoor wedding!



Okay, so metallic is popular this Spring/Summer 2013 season, and now it has gone straight to men’s wedding fashion! I realize this is a bit outside of the box, but really, how fun with this be! Your guests would love this look! It’s trendy, young, fun and daring! This would be perfect for a Hollywood themed wedding! Imagine, all the men are fashioned in silver and or gold and the women are wearing ballgowns, in a rich, deep purple or red, as the carry beautiful evening bags with one orchid attached to it. The bride will wear the biggest and most dramatic ball gown, as she walks down the candle light isle in a beautiful art museum. Splashes of golds and purple or red are in the background as she comes down. How lovely and how glamfabulous!


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