Weddings: M&M’s

Weddings: M&M’s

Wedding Cake

Purple Pretty


Dark and light purple m&m’s, are placed in the perfect pattern to create both an elegant and creative wedding cake design concept.

Rainbow Delight


Use this creative approach for your wedding cake or your wedding shower! I love how the colors bleed into the next one to create a smooth transition to the next color.



Simple confetti cupcakes are topped with a light mocha frosting and sprinkled with M&M’s. Use this for your wedding shower or wedding favor if you are going for a fun, playful wedding concept. I would love this for a summer wedding! You could have beautiful and bold floral arrangements at each table and for each girl, along with beautiful blue dresses for the bridesmaids.


This is simple and perfect for a beach wedding! I love how each color is separated out and placed inside one cupcake wrapper that is placed on top of another. So creative! Is this right for your wedding ?

Candy Table


I love a good candy table at a wedding! If done right, it is trendy and perfect! Using a monochromatic color scheme is so beautiful and perfect for a wedding!


Again, perfect! It’s classy and perfectly arranged  so it makes a great design concept for your special day! Is this your wedding candy table?


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