Fashion/Hair/Makeup: 3 Things you must have in your closet!

3 Things you must have in your closet this Summer 2013!

These 3 things can be placed together or with other pieces in your closet to dress up yourself up all the way to the nines or all the way to the 5’s for an every day work or lunch date with your girls!

Bold Colored  Pumps, Sliver Fax-diamond earrings
& Black cocktail purse


Girls night out


Place the pumps, earrings and purse, with skinny dark jeans and a ruffled cream sleeveless top.

Date Night


Pair the pumps, earrings, cocktail purse with your little black dress.

Casual Fridays at the Office


Pair pumps, earrings and cocktail purse with dark denim skinny jeans  and neutral color blocked long

sleeve, chiffon, jersey cardigan.


Weddings: Help your wedding hit a home run!

Weddings:  Help your wedding hit a home run!

Batters up for your wedding day? If you love sports and want to incorporate that love with your love on your special day, then check out what we have! Great  budget friendly ideas to help your wedding hit a home run!

Photo Ideas


Make this affordable for your budget. Go to Goodwill and  get old shoes, base ball diamonds and baseballs and have your photographer take photos of you and your happy hubby with those props. Also fun to have a photo booth with these props!  Another thought is to  go to your local park, where there is a baseball field and take pictures there!

Place settings


Make this fit your budget! Red construction paper, Goodwill candles, and baseballs, dishes,etc. This will cut your dinning decor’ budget more than half of the cost. An alternative to the red tablecloth could also be to take a white sheet , cut into a giant circle and draw baseball stitching on it, as if it’s a great big baseball! Brush with a little gold dust on the stiching, to add a little depth to it.

Base ball Cupcakes


Gather your family, friends, neighbors up and have them make the cupcakes. Buy a bunch of $1 boxes of vanilla cupcake mix and frosting and you have reduced your costs of wedding cake significantly. Make it personal and add a flag with your names or photos on it!

Groomsmen’s Shoes


Go online to and see if you can get different colored and styled baseball shoes.It’s likely they won’t  cost too much! Another option is to go to goodwill or a second hand clothing shop, ebay.

Wedding Favors


Make it more adorable by using construction paper and a custom-made stamp with ribbon. Grab some wine, a few movies and your bridesmaids and make them up in a night! Have fun with it!

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Dad’s Day Fashion 2013

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Dad’s Day Fashion 2013

What is hot this Dad’s day 2013 to wear? We have both casual and dressy options for your Dad for gifts from excellent designers!

Calvin Klein Graphic, vintage tee


This vintage, graphic tee by Calvin Klein is perfect for the dad in your life who is more casual, but also likes to look nice too! He can pair it with vintage jeans and a black blazer or white dinner jacket to dress it up a bit. Calvin Klein has been around the fashion world for a very long time. And with in that time, they have established a well-known name for themselves, who provides, excellent quality and fashion forward items, from casual to dressy. In 968 Calvin Klein INC. was established as a fashion clothing company, that is now, flourishing in not just apparel, but also, accessories, footwear and outerwear as well.

Casual, plaid Nautica Shirt


Practical, perfect for the dad who likes to go boating, and the outdoors! Plaid has been a hot trend since last spring 2013. It is still showing up in fashion for all ages and genders. Nautica has been a well know name for a while. They were established by: David Chu, in 1983. This 31 year old company is providing, casual, quality products to men, women and children across the US.

Calvin Klein, slim fit dress shirt


Dad likes to have something he can wear to the office or out with some friends. This slim, fit dress shirt by Calvin Klein is perfect for Dad’s day this 2013! Calvin Klein wants to ensure each customer who purchases their clothing is well dressed, casual or dressy, the dad in your love to wear Calvin this 2013 for dad’s day!

Michael Kors, black dress suit


This Michael Kors, black dress suit is perfect for a formal celebration for dad or for his every day work life! The contrast between the black suit and the white shirt are perfect, placing a pop of blue in the tie! Perfect for Summer2012! Michael Kors is a high end fashion company, who prides it’s self in high quality products. Give the gift of quality this dad’s day!

Weddings: Men’s Fashion

Weddings: Men’s Fashion

Although the bride is the most important part of the wedding day, the men in the wedding are also important! The men must fashion after the bride and wedding theme! Be creative and have fun with this! Now a days, there are many doors open to different, creative fashion for men for weddings! Let their fashion be a really fun and creative accent and or part of the wedding theme!

Summer Wedding/ Preppy


I love this option!  A little touch of eighties with the colored jeans, however pairing it with the black blazer, white collared shirt and tie to match pants, it is a very preppy look for a wedding!  Why not do this? Who says you have to have your guys wearing the traditional all black or all grey suit! If it fits your wedding theme do it! This particular outfit for your men, would pair perfectly, with white lace dress for bride, simple, tea length, teal dresses, as the girls and bride have baby’s breathe for flowers. Simple, classy and fashion-forward preppy! This look is a must have for a boat, or beach, or even a summer wedding!

Outdoor Summer Wedding


How cute is this option? Very fresh and young! I love the contrasting bone colored shoe against the slate grey dress pants. Pairing the shoes and pants with the crisp, white colored shirts, and topped of with dark burgundy suspenders, bow ties and different colored handkerchiefs are the perfect summer/ outdoor wedding look for your men’s fashion! Picture bride wearing a simple, strapless ,wedding gown, with a cage veil and bright colored flowers of all shapes sizes and kinds, as she walks down the isle, laces with daises and mason jars filled with candles. Each bridesmaid will wear lace nude, tea length dresses with daises. For decor, you can have old chalkboards with menus, wedding schedule, etc..Throw old couches and benches for guests to sit on! Perfection for an outdoor wedding!



Okay, so metallic is popular this Spring/Summer 2013 season, and now it has gone straight to men’s wedding fashion! I realize this is a bit outside of the box, but really, how fun with this be! Your guests would love this look! It’s trendy, young, fun and daring! This would be perfect for a Hollywood themed wedding! Imagine, all the men are fashioned in silver and or gold and the women are wearing ballgowns, in a rich, deep purple or red, as the carry beautiful evening bags with one orchid attached to it. The bride will wear the biggest and most dramatic ball gown, as she walks down the candle light isle in a beautiful art museum. Splashes of golds and purple or red are in the background as she comes down. How lovely and how glamfabulous!

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Create a healthy Summer 2013 Glow!

  Create a healthy Summer 2013 Glow!

Are you ready for Summer 2013 and thinking it’s time to  get into that swimwear and out to the beach? Being the beach bunny,  may be costing you more than the price of your swimwear this Summer.  According to, Webmd, “The sun’s rays make us feel good, and in the short term, make us look good. But our love affair isn’t a two-way street: Exposure to sun causes most of the wrinkles and age spots on our faces. Consider this: One woman at age 40 who has protected her skin from the sun actually has the skin of a 30-year-old!


We often associate a glowing complexion with good health, but skin color obtained from being in the sun – or in a tanning booth – actually accelerates the effects of aging and increases your risk for developing skin cancer.

Sun exposure causes most of the skin changes that we think of as a normal part of aging. Over time, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light damages the fibers in the skin called elastin. When these fibers break down, the skin begins to sag, stretch, and lose its ability to go back into place after stretching. The skin also bruises and tears more easily — taking longer to heal. So while sun damage to the skin may not be apparent when you’re young, it will definitely show later in life.”

Steps to a Healthy Summer Glow

1.) Self Tanner


“This lightweight foam utilizes the latest self-tanning color technology to provide a streak-free, healthy-looking tan in a few hours. Its tinted, easy-to-blend formula shows where it’s been applied to help prevent uneven application. Aromaguard® technology doesn’t just mask the tell-tale smell of sunless tanner; it neutralizes it, leaving a pleasant scent throughout the wear. It dries quickly with no sticky after-feel so you can get dressed in just a few minutes! Super-fast, super-natural-looking … and super-safe! Oil-free.” (Brookfield, WI Salon)

How to apply self-tanner:

1.) Shave. When you shave your skin, you not only remove hair, but a few layers of dead skin. I great alternative, both cheap and effective for shaving cream, is hair conditioner. You already have this in your shower, and it works, I believe, almost better than the shaving cream out in the market. Be cheap, savvy and smooth!

2.) Exfoliate. Use a micro-bead scrub. The smaller the beads the better it is for you and less likely for your skin to get broken capillaries. Broken capillaries are the result of too much pressure on your skin. Many scrubs in the market today have very large beads in them and will eventually cause broken capillaries. Avoid this through using smaller beads and light pressure.


3.) Moisturize. Be careful, when mixing your normal moisturizer with your self-tanner. Often times,  when you mix two different products together, you can cause a skin irritation. I recommend, using a moisturizer that is hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free. This way, the ingredients will not interfere adversely with your self- tanner.


4.) Apply self-tanner. Make sure when you have applied the self-tanner, to wear gloves when applying to your body. When your body is complete, then remove your gloves and  add a little self tanner. Flow the instructs on the particular brand you select. And most importantly, blend, blend, and blend!!

self tan

2.)Sun Screen


“Practice safe sun with our highest SPF! This daily-wear sunscreen provides Broad Spectrum SPF 50 to help prevent sunburn, decrease the risk of skin cancer and premature signs of aging caused by the sun. It contains special proprietary ingredients to provide an ultra silky feel and glides nicely onto skin without feeling sticky or greasy. The supremely lightweight formula absorbs quickly, leaves skin soft and smooth without a white residue, and has a fresh, clean scent. Finally, a sunscreen you’ll love to wear! Oil-free. ” (Brookfield, WI Salon)

When do you apply sunscreen?

Make sure you apply sunscreen  as the very last step in your skin care schedule. For example: Cleanse, Tone, moisturize, sunscreen. The utilization of sunscreen is actually not just for summer. Surprised? There are both indoor and outdoor uvb and uva rays that can age, damage and cause skin cancer. Using a great sunscreen in summer and winter will prevent your skin from the aging effects of the sun.


3.)Bronzing powder


“Think bronzers are just for fake tans? Not anymore! Designed for daily wear, this innovative bronzing powder delivers an instant, healthy-looking glow to give skin a lift of color. It creates the most natural-looking finish because it contains super-micronized pigments that work with the topology of skin to deliver 3D color that reflects light and looks natural. The silky smooth, hydrating formula with Apple Extract Complex and Revidrate™ allows for effortless blending and building of color to achieve different effects without drying the skin or looking unnatural. Looks great worn alone or with cheek color. Fragrance-free. Oil-free.” (Brookfield, WI Salon).

How to apply Bronzer?

1.) After your foundation and power are set on your skin, the next step is bronzer.

2.) You can either place a little blush on  your cheek bones and then add some bronzer or you can use only the bronzer. The choice is up to you.

3.) Make sure you understand the basic application concept  for bronzer. Bronzer is utilized to provide a NATURAL glow to your skin! That means, that you do not need or want to put too much on, or you will likely resemble one of the orange people from Charlies Wonka Factory.  Let’s avoid that look and stick to less is more!


Make sure you think of wear the sun would naturally kiss your skin. Apply to the edges of your forehead, cheek bones, edge of chin and a little on neck. Feel free to use a little shimmery bronzer directly above the matte bronzer. This will create a nice pop  in your cheek bones!



Interior Design: 3 Methods to turn your space, from humdrum to zestfully exacting

Interior Design:3 Methods to turn your space from humdrum to zestfully exacting!

“Have you ever stopped to think what fun this business of living can be? If you haven’t, and if you are one of those who insist upon believing that life is humdrum, grim and boring, then I’m afraid this department is not for you. For I don’t believe any such thing. I know that we can all free ourselves and live our lives fully, zestfully and joyfully!” -Dorothy Draper


Is your space living up to it’s potential? Or is it humdrum, grim and boring?  Dorothy Draper was an American Interior Designer in the earlier 1900’s, who has thrived on the freedom of beauty in interiors! She was one of many who helped to inspire this beauty in homes around America through her home improvement strategies.  Her quotation delivers a message of freedom to choose to be zestfully and joyfully living. And I believe that Dorothy was speaking to the fact that the design of yourself is directly affected by the design of your space. If you have a humdrum, grim and boring interior, it is likely that you will feel the same. Dorothy Draper, I believe, was trying to awaken a new generation of happiness and I believe she thought this happiness, this zest for life, was directly correlated  to how your space is decorated. Although it may sound a bit funny or strange, psychologists have  actually proven that there are personality adjustments that occur, with different color in a space. According to,, “Several ancient cultures, including the Egyptians and Chinese, practiced chromotherapy, or using colors to heal. Chromotherapy is sometimes referred to as light therapy or colourology and is still used today as a holistic or alternative treatment.” “Red was used to stimulate the body and mind and to increase circulation.Yellow was thought to stimulate the nerves and purify the body.Orange was used to heal the lungs and to increase energy levels. Blue was believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain.Indigo shades were thought to alleviate skin problems.”

Learn how to take your space from humdrum to zestful with just three  simple methods!

3 Methods to turn your space, from humdrum to zestfully exacting:

Colors come in every shade of every color you can imagine. In fact, you can create your own color! To make your space more exciting, try using colors on the warm side of the color wheel. Every color on hear has great psychological effects and will transform your view and make you happier if you use these colors! Increasing your energy with these colors, will eventually transform the way you think and how successful you will be in life. If you are happier in life, it is likely you will go after your dreams and will be more successful.



Paint is the easiest way to make any space evolve from boring to fun and exciting! Having this change will have dramatic, positive affects on how you feel and therefore how you approach life! Although throwing some splashes of paint on your wall is not the cure-all, it is a very positive an fun method to zesting up your space and life!


Colorful Accessories

Placing pops of color through out your space can not only be a great energy booster, but will not exhaust your bank account! Throw pops of color, using: vases, pictures frames, paintings, and fun pillows. This will awaken any humdrum room to a fun and zestful space!

colorful vases




Create depth, and create a feeling of a larger space. Placing a bright colored frame will help you to increase your energy flow and having that feeling that your space is larger than it is will make you feel a little freer! Optical illusion with mirrors and  with the right colors can motivate you to concur your fears and dreams all in one!



Weddings: M&M’s

Weddings: M&M’s

Wedding Cake

Purple Pretty


Dark and light purple m&m’s, are placed in the perfect pattern to create both an elegant and creative wedding cake design concept.

Rainbow Delight


Use this creative approach for your wedding cake or your wedding shower! I love how the colors bleed into the next one to create a smooth transition to the next color.



Simple confetti cupcakes are topped with a light mocha frosting and sprinkled with M&M’s. Use this for your wedding shower or wedding favor if you are going for a fun, playful wedding concept. I would love this for a summer wedding! You could have beautiful and bold floral arrangements at each table and for each girl, along with beautiful blue dresses for the bridesmaids.


This is simple and perfect for a beach wedding! I love how each color is separated out and placed inside one cupcake wrapper that is placed on top of another. So creative! Is this right for your wedding ?

Candy Table


I love a good candy table at a wedding! If done right, it is trendy and perfect! Using a monochromatic color scheme is so beautiful and perfect for a wedding!


Again, perfect! It’s classy and perfectly arranged  so it makes a great design concept for your special day! Is this your wedding candy table?