Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Do’s and Don’ts of Mascara

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Do’s and Don’ts of Mascara


How long has your mascara been in your makeup bag?  Are you washing off all your makeup at night?  Are you wanting your eyes to pop more? Explore the do’s and don’ts of mascara and great tips on improving your lashes!


1.Do use a primer. Using a primer will help to condition your eye lashes and helps when you remove the mascara later. It is important to remember that your eye lashes are hair too, so just as you condition your hair everyday, you must treat your luvly lashes with the same respect!


2.Do use a costume eye makeup remover. Your eyes  must be kept clean, and often times our eyes are sensitive to elements in our environment, and products that we use on them. It’s important to get educated about your eye sensitivities and use what works best for the health of your eyes. Make sure all the eye make up and mascara are 100% removed. You should not still see any of the makeup on the cotton ball, or pad, when you are done cleansing. Keeping your eyes clean, will help your eye lashes to be in great condition. There have been studies done on women who do not wash there eye make up off at all or properly, and the results show that there are small micro-bacterias that form on your eyes. Yes, that’s right, bugs! Gross! So let’s avoid the bugs in the eyes and make sure you wash all your eye makeup off each day.


3.Do replace your mascara and the eye lash conditioner every three months. The tub that the both products come in is dark and moist, therefore, after a certain amount of time, with use, the chances of increase bacteria in your mascara and conditioner tubs has increased. It’s important to remember to replace both products, every three months, to avoid eye contamination.




1.Do not tug the eye area. The skin surrounding your eye area is very delicate. In fact, you could compare it to tissue paper. This is why you will see so many eye creams, and serums out there to help condition the under eye and lip area. That skin does not produce oil, there fore, it more likely to wrinkle. So make sure you never tug on your eye area.


2.Do not share eye makeup. When you use mascara and eye makeup, you are introducing your own bacteria to it. You’re body is able to handle this bacteria, because it is your own. However when you introduce new bacteria into it, your chances for eye infections increase dramatically. Never, never share your eye makeup!

  3.Do not let your make up bag get dirty Make sure that every so often, you go through your makeup bag, and clean your mascara, primer, eyelash curlier and eye lash separater and really all of your makeup. Take a clorax wipe and wipe everything down, let it dry, make sure that your make up bag is clean and place back. It should take you no longer than 5 minutes. Makeup is likely something you wear everyday on your skin and eyes, therefore, the bacteria increases and could cause you to break out or have an eye infection. The point is to not go crazy on this, but to just keep it clean.



Great Mascara Tips to beautiful Lashes


1. Items you must have: mascara, primer, eye lash curlier, eye lash seperater.

2. Make sure that you first prime the eye lashes.

3. Apply a tiny amount of mascara on the tips of the lashes.

4. Let it all dry. (It should take a min.)

5. Curl your eye lashes. Count to 10 and repeat, a couple times.

6. Place a little more mascara on your lashes and use the separater.

7. Let dry and repeat with the curler.

8. Final application of mascara and you are done. You will find that your eye  lashes stay perfect all day long!


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