Interior Design: Mirror Mirror on the wall…

Interior Design: Mirror Mirror on the wall…


So which ones the prettiest of them all for your space? Mirrors are the most perfect element to bring into a tiny space to make it big, and the finest to bring in to a large space to make it grand. Which mirror suits your space? Remember mirrors can be art work or they can be a bendable element to increase the visual look of your space, or of course both.

Make your tiny space bigger


The fact that you can see the rest of the room in the mirror is what makes your eye think this space is larger than it really is.


I love this vintage, window mirror. This really helps to break up the space and help the viewer thin the room is bigger.

small room miorrs

This particular mirror gives the immediate illusion that the room extends much further then it really does. I love a good optical illusion!

Large space Grand

Giant Mirror

This simple, elegant styled room is paired perfectly with this grand, brown framed mirror.


I love how this mirror appears to be a doorway to another room, thus making this space grander.


How pretty, is this style, color and design of this mirror. You are able to see the table setting twice, which allows for the eye to automatically be illusion-ed that the space is bigger.



This colorful, eclectic, oval mirror is a unique piece of artwork and defiantly a great focal point to the space.


I love the antique, gold finish and inter-kit design this mirror has. It blends in with the room theme, but is defiantly an eye catcher and piece of art work.


This is defiantly the focal point of this space.

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