Weddings: To veil or not to veil?

Weddings: To veil or not to veil?

Are you a “veil” bride or would you prefer another option?

Veil Bride

If you are a veil bride, you either love the drama of it all, or are a traditionalist. If you do love the drama aspect, it’s likely you would choose a cathedral, embellished veil. However, if your love for the veil falls under the traditionalist umbrella, then you would likely find a more simple, shorter veil. Drama-queen or traditionalist, they are very beautiful and your photographer will be able to do a lot with it in photos.


wedding veils and tiaras 3

Vintage, lace detail, long, full cathedral length.

wedding val

Vintage, lace and crystal beading.



Simple, elegant, just past the waist in length, no additional beading.


Short, simple, elegant.

Another option?

There are so many choices if you decide against a veil. Think outside the box, and remember you can be drama-queen or traditionalist in these options!

Bird-Cage veil/handpiece

Birdcage veil

Beautiful roses, placed on one side, with a large scale veil gently over the face. Sweet and elegant.

Dramatic bird-cage veil


Dramatic, large scale veil, with beautiful white feathers.

Vintage Head-wrap

Vintage wedding veil 4

If you are doing an up do, this vintage, lace, head wrap is the perfect touch.

Diamond head band


The details on this piece is beautiful! Crystals, beading, and feathers, love love love it! Perfect for an outdoor, beach wedding.

Sheer head wrap


This is so unique! I love how it acts as both veil and head band. It’s beautiful sheer, chiffon flows into a lovely rose.

Vintage, head piece


This beautiful, vintage, head piece is covered in lace and crystals and diamonds.

Drama, flower power


This is not only drama and fabulous, but it is hot this 2013 year! I love this!

Hats off


Why not wear a hat? I love the style and color of the hat and how it matches the entire bridal concept here.


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