Interior Design:Curtains

Interior Design:Curtains

Curtains can be the focal point of your space or a way for the windows to speak for themselves. Let’s explore a few options for your space today!

Black and White Stripes


I love these curtains! The designer use two separate patterns in a small and large scale in this room. The large scaled black and white stripe curtains are a perfect addition to the black and white theme. You’re eye automatically goes from bright, red lamp and blanket to bold black and white striped curtains. The curtains serve as the second focal point of this space. I just love utilizing both large and small scaled patterns to create a design concept for a space!

Curtains can be Art


This designer used a unique neutral and sheer curtain to cascade from the ceiling to act as both a divider and art for the space. I love this look! Perfect if you would place curtains like this through out the entire space…it would be perfect for entertaining. You could have sections for your guests and would create a more intimate environment!

Ascent Piece


So shades of purple are the ascent colors in this room. White walls, with beautiful pops of purple shades for acent pieces. The room as a shell is very monochromatic, but with the perfect touch of purple shades and different patterns coming from the curtains it is the perfect purple room!


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