Weddings: Wedding Entertainment

Weddings: Wedding Entertainment

Weddings are a beautiful and very personal occasion. So why not make the entertainment something grand and personal to you and your groom?

Three ways to entertain your guests:

1.) Cartoon and Movie Characters.

IMG_4200 - Copy

Find costumes inyours and the grooms favorite cartoon and or movie characters and have the groomsmen and or wedding party surprise everyone in them. Have the DJ play along with it and have a fun video and or music involved. There is no reason  that weddings have to be stuffy and boring. Live it up and have fun, but make sure it’s in your own way. If you, as the bride would want to surprise your hubby to be on this, I promise he will love it and thank you for years!

2.) Dancers


I think it’s so beautiful to have wedding themed appropriate dancers as guests arrive to the reception. According to David Tutera , Famous Wedding planner/Entrepreneur, he has had many different themed dancers to fit the theme of his bride’s wedding theme. If you are doing a winter wonderland theme, have the dancers dress up in all white, with extravagant, wintery outfits. If you are doing a Gothic themed wedding, have a collection of skeletons, and gofy monster dancers.  What if you want a Gipsy-Themed wedding, have a few belly dancers come. No matter what your theme, you can find a fun dancer or two to help move the crowd into your theme.

3.) Multipurpose Dj.


There are Dj’s out there that can not only work a crowd with other famous artist music, but also, dress to impression those famous artist as well. At a recent wedding, I attended, I found the DJ, was able to not only manipulate his voice to fit many old and new artists, but also do impressions in voice , costume, and dance. He was amazing and the crowd was so into it!


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