Interior Design: Bricks and Wood

Interior Design: Bricks and Wood

Using exposed wood and brick for your walls ? It ties in the whole vintage, raw, organic feel into your interiors! Let’s explore a few examples of this organic, earthy look.


Bed Room


I love this wall look. The wood boards form a cool brown and white pattern for your wall. Very country and earthy!

Living Room


This exposed wood wall is so modern and yet very organic and simple.



Having a simple kitchen with exposed wood for part of the bar area provides a very relaxed and clean look! I love the yellow chairs and how they serve as the perfect pop of color against that wood.



Exposed Brick And Plaster Walls For The Interior Design Of Your Bedroom Exposing Brick Walls

This is one of my favorite looks for exposed brick walls! I love the light wall, dark end table contrast. It serves for the perfect pop to add depth to the room! So beautiful and perfect!

Living Room


Such a simple, clean color palette. Adding the touch of red is a great look! Having the brick wall in the center focal point of the room was perfect! Because it allows your eye to directly go to the red, then to the fireplace then to the brick walls, which serve as a little bit of a piece of art! It is detailed and each piece is slightly differently colored. This is fab!



I love a clean, simple sliver and white kitchen! What a perfect and very appropriate placement and use of the exposed brick walls. Brick walls can very easily be treated as a focal point and piece of art work!


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