Fashion/Hair/Makeup: What’s in your mom’s closet?

Fashion/Hair/Makeup:What’s in your mom’s closet?

Help bring out the 2013 Fashionista in your mom for this Mom’s Day! Maybe you’re mom’s style is not in style anymore, don’t give up, glam her up with this year’s looks!

Look #1:Outerwear


Metallic Coat, paired with contrasting colored scarf. Conservative, yet very stylish!

Look#2: Casual/Dressy


Flower prints , vibrant colors and the mixture of patterns are all the rage this 2013 Spring/Summer season. And these looks are perfect for mom!

Look#3:Dressy and Fabulous!


I love this collection by charlie brown! A simple color palette, but so vibrant and dynamic in style and texture! I love the animal print bracelets and large scaled grey dress with the bracelets! Perfect for mom to dress fresh in glam!


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