Weddings: Personal Attendants How to Guide

Weddings: Personal Attendants How to Guide


Here comes the bride and here comes the stress! Often times the unfortunate truth for a wedding, is that it can bring an awful amount of stress. All you’re loved ones are there and are supportive, and everything is going perfect, until something happens…As the Personal Attendant, you are the one who is responsible for the “until…” moments.  It is a huge honor to be one, because it is saying that the bride entrusts you with the stress management of her day! So get your bridal seat belts on and let’s take a hot glance at a few things that will help you be a great Personal Attendant and learn how to deal with those,  “until…” moments!

How to Guide for a Personal Attendant


1.) Be present always. It is your sole purpose to ensure that not only the bride is happy and stress free, but also, that the wedding party is happy and stress free.

2.)Come prepared for the worst. Bring a kit for makeup and hair touch ups. Also, bring a kit, with problem solvers: toothbrushes, dental floss, mouth wash, gum, shout wipes, fashion tap, lint roller, B12, pain relievers, sewing kit, first add kit. Think of what could go wrong and be proactive and bring it. Being prepared for the worsted is not being negative it is being very very wise. If you bring items that you could need in a stressful time, your bride will not stress as much.


3.) Memorize the Wedding Itinerary/Time Management. Make sure you know where the bride, and party should be and make sure you are the time keeper for all. If you have to do photos and have them back to the dinner in 2 hours, make sure, you time every activity until then. However, it’s important to let the bride do what she wants as well. So there is some flexibility in this. if she has always dreaming of doing a certain photo shot, and you are running late, then do the shot and run a little late. After all it is her special day! Just make sure you help to get them there asap! Whatever you do, do not step on her dream toes. It needs to be about her!



4.) Manage the Bridal party. Where are they, what are they doing? Have we lost one of the members? You must make sure that all the members are present during each time sensitive activity, to ensure easy flow of the wedding and stress management of the bride. Remember the bride’s happiness and stress level is all on your shoulders. You must control the situation. Help her have a beautiful day!

Wedding Bouquet 2013

5.) H20 and Trail Mix. I can not stress this enough. you must get your H20 and trail mix or granola  in, in between activities. It takes a lot of energy to stand up in a wedding, believe it or not? And people will get hungry fast! Make sure to have a snake pack and plan a snack break. Make sure everyone hydrates every hour. This will help calm your wedding party!



6.) Always act relaxed under all circumstances. The last thing the bride needs is for you to freak out under a stressful situation. You must remain calm always and problem solve. You are the one who needs to calm others down and help them to understand that the situation will be fine and you are working on it.


I realize this list can be viewed as negative, however the job of the Personal Attendant is to think of the negative and what could go wrong. Being proactive could save the wedding day! Be prepared and positive!



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