Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Jean Jackets

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Jean Jackets

Well it is not  a big secret that Jean Jackets have been in and out of the trends for many many years. Well, here we go again! It is all about being trendy and stylist by adding a jean jacket to your next Spring/Summer 2013 outfit!

Celebrity’s are wearing them



You will find some our celebrities sporting this jean jacket trend, with dresses. Pair the jacket with a nice, floral, dress, or tight dress, or black  jeggings/leggings. Jean jacket, jean vest, or leather and jean together, it makes no difference, because this season, they are hot!

Diamond Studded Detailing


We are also finding, the jean jacket has become so much more than it was 10 years ago. They are now placing embellishments on some jackets. This particular one, has diamond, jeweled embellishment to set it for a more dressy /casual look, with the faded denim. Pairing it with a black dress and black, open toe pumps will set this outfit off perfectly!

Trendy Cut


We are finding that the cut of the jean jacket is also being fashioned after previous leather, fabric cuts to jackets, that you may of found this past Winter 2012. The fabric is denim, but it has a lighter wash, along with a pattern to it. A bit different from many years ago, but what a way for it come back with style and grace!

Vintage Acid Wash Black Denim Jacket


You will also find a major trend running in jean jackets this season for acid washed black denim. Super hot trend right now! You can pair this jacket with a vintage t-shirt and cream, lace shorts or a skirt. Pair it with gladiator saddles, or western-inspired booties and you are ready to go!


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