Weddings: Color outside the box!

Weddings: Color outside the box!

Looking for something a little different to make the theme of your wedding a little different from the rest? Let’s color outside the box today and learn different approaches to finding your perfect wedding theme for you!

Coral and Blue


Incorporate coral and blue, through different shades, patterns, fabrics from the fashion to the cake and flowers of your wedding theme! Happy Summer Wedding with this look!

Pretty in Purple


Who says your bride’s maids dresses have to be traditional, cocktail dresses?  Continue the glamor and extravagance through this gorgeous dress! Such a beautiful color, bold and soft all at once! Make your wedding a pretty purple wedding them!

Red and Blue


I love this table setting! Chinese inspired wedding place setting theme. Bright sky blues, with medium, apple red ascents.

Naturally Beautiful Wedding


Bring in the earth tones of nature with a touch of red.  The style of this theme is antique, high fashion! So perfect for a Spring or Fall wedding! This is naturally glamorous and could be your naturally beautiful wedding!

Paradise Wedding


If you choose a destination wedding this is a perfect theme for you! It is simple, elegant and extraordinary all at once. The long clear vases, with round clear bowls, stuffed with beautiful plants and topped off with overflowing beautiful yellow flowers.

The Bold and the Bright


I love these colors together. It is rich, full and the perfect combination for a bride with lots of personality! Perfect to have you and your wedding guests experience bold and bright colors through your theme.

Yellow and white Pol-a-dot


How cute is this theme? Have a country wedding, full of mason jars, with sand at the bottom and candles glowing. Place yellow dresses on your bridesmaids, and a white eye-let dress, with Vail for you! Such a perfect summer, country wedding theme! Fresh and delightful!


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