Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Flashion forward with Metallics!

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Flashion forward with Metallics!

Metallics are all the rage this Spring 2013 Season! Are you flashion forward?

Metallic  Clothing

You will find any piece of clothing you can think of that is metallic. So how to wear? Make sure you break it up. The same way you would wear a print, you wear metallic items. If you have a metallic jacket, wear it with a sequin or plan dress. The focus should be on the one piece of metallic clothing item, not that you look like a roll of tin foil.





Winter Trend Alert: Metallic Jewelry photo hannabeth’s photos …

Handbags and shoes are perfect methods to what could be a metallic madness. Be careful with this fashion trend, as it can go nasty quickly, if you do not know how to wear it. Be bold, be ferious, with it, just don’t turn totally metallic with your outfit.  Wear this clutch and shoe choice with a pretty white dress and you’re on your way to flashion forward!


Since you will likely have your metallic nail polish on for a week. Make sure to accessorize with your out fits properly. Since the metallic look is so bold in just one item, you need to be careful with it.



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