Interior Design: What inspires you?

Interior Design: What inspires you?

Wither you are decorating your home, office or painting a piece of artwork, you have found something that inspires you to create your masterpiece. So what is it then? What inspires you? Please feel free to write down what inspires you below at the “comments” section. We would love to hear back from you!

Nurture your inspiration from Nature

Beautiful and peaceful waters


There is so much beauty we can take from nature. I love the beautiful and vibrant colors and patterns of the waves and sky. Will this color palette be the new them of your bathroom? How will you make this work so it fits your style? Take some time to look through images of nature. You will be surprised how much design inspiration you will get. Nurturing your time with nature will breed beautiful and unique designs that will have your friends oohing and awing over!

All the colors of the seasons


Fall is the prime time to gather up your inspiration for design. It is one of my favorite times, to look at all the beautiful and vibrant colors nature has to offer. Will this color scheme be your next cabin theme for your walls and furniture? Spend time thinking about what this personally inspires you to design and you will find a perfect, custom-made design concept for you.

Honey Comb

Raw Honey –

How will you see this? Look beyond the obvious and into the uniqueness that it can bring for your next design concept. How can you manipulate this basic honeycomb into a form of art or design concept? Maybe this will be your next wall paper for your yellow and white kitchen? You can have a bee-themed kitchen, placing black accent pieces through out your white kitchen, with yellow walls. Place honey combs framed around the wall. Or think a bit out side the box with it. don’t be so literal with it. Then what does it mean to you?

“Art”-n’t you inspired?

Graceful beauty


Beautiful, swirls of design, form to make a peacock-like design. What does this mean to you? Is is art? Why? Is it only art because someone said it is? Who i s the true critic when it comes to evaluating art? I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder in all situations. If you look at this and see that maybe a small child could of down this, it diminishes it’s value and therefore is not beautiful to you. However, if you look at this and feel that you love the brush stocks and freshness it brings to the image of a well talked about animal, peacock, it is beautiful to you. The point is, it’s up to you, you are the designer.  Maybe this will be the color scheme for your child’s room and the designs of the painting will form designs on your child’s bedroom wall. Are you inspired?

Sad women, peaceful women?


Remembering that the meaning of art is up to the individual viewing it, what do you see here? I see a women at peace and in deep thought. I think of creating a space, that is calm and peaceful. Maybe placing images of people in history and or in my life that grant me deep peace. I will likely find my favorite quotes and frame those. “Art”-n’t you inspired?


Color Blocked


Remember, fashion is art. It is a method to stating what the artist was feeling and thinking. It is the most popular form of art these days. What was the artist/designer thinking here? Maybe he/she was thinking, of nature, and if you look at a picture of it, you will see separation of beautiful colors. What are you thinking when you look at it? Maybe you will color block your walls in your living room, or purchase a color-blocked painting?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend


Diamonds are a beautiful stone that has been used in fashion for ages and ages. They are used to elude to royalty, glamor, high class and the very rich. The common thought, that companies have made through out time, is that if you have diamonds you really are classy, and glamorous. So, what do girl’s best’s friends help you to create for your space? Maybe you will think of glass tables in your dinning room? Or maybe you will think to utilize the classy feature the diamond holds to turn your dinning room into a very high class, luxurious space. Think of the characteristics the diamonds hold, and it will help you find your perfect design concept.


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