Weddings: Are your Bridesmaids in the new?

Weddings: Are your Bridesmaids in the new?

In with the new, out with the old!

Out with the basic and simple jewelry and in with the fashion forward jewelery! Color blocking, vintage and, colored bead necklaces are all the rage right now! 57 Grand has established an exclusive line for Spring 2013, displaying this trend. Bridesmaids are shown with cute cocktail dresses, paired with stylist gems to complete the look! Are your bridesmaids in the new?

Color Blocking


Not only, is color blocking your outfit trendy for your every day look this 2013 Spring Season, day, night, sunday brunch. But it is all the rage for your bridesmaids. Bridesmaids are shown wearing beautiful bright solid colored necklaces, with complementary colored dresses.

Go Simply Vintage



Vintage has come and gone and been refined through out the fashion trends for many years. It is back in many ways this 2013 Spring Season, but has specifically been shown in the perfect gems to conclude that cute little dress! Be elegant, sexy and trendy, with out over doing it and out doing the bride, be simply vintage!

Colored, plastic beads



In necklace and in bracelet, colored beads are being shown as the perfect trendy accent piece for bridesmaids this season. Get bold, trendy colored beads for your bridesmaids today. They are perfect for when you want to add a little color to their dresses.


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