Weddings: Are you still looking for your, “Something Blue”?

Weddings: Are you still looking for your, “Something Blue”?


Wither you are the bride, maid of honor, or mother of the bride, and you are looking for something blue for the bride, then look no further? Look around to get great finds for the bride in your life, or for yourself, if you are the bride.

Smell good with your Something blue

Okay, so it’s likely the bride will be very nervous that day! Why not hide the nervousness, with the new and fabulous, “Something Blue”, by Oscar de la Renta.  Look, feel and smell, young, fresh and fabulous!


Signature Wedding Shoes


Have the bridesmaids write out messages of congratulations to the bride in blue ink. The bride will love the thought fullness of it!

Sentimental Blue

Attach photos of your loved ones to your flowers, of those who could not be there on the special day with blue ribbon. This will honor them and give you your something blue.



Hair Accessories


Place a fun and beautiful hair accessory in your hair.

Blue Jewelry



I love this necklace! Antique, boutique feel. Gorgeous beading, embroidery designs of unique items, placed together to form a piece of artwork.



Beautiful, light blue beading, with gold accents. Love!



White diamonds surround a blue sapphire gem. Elegant and beautiful!


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