Interior Design: Organize your interior cabnets with Mason Jars!

Interior Design: Organize your interior cabinets with Mason Jars!

Be savvy and innovative with organizing! Mason jars are the hottest thing to use for decorating and are great for organizing your space. The serve a great purpose for storage, because you can see what is stored in them. What’s better than knowing what you have stored?  No one likes finding that mystery chicken in the back, and the mason jar prevents this from occurring! Be smart, get some mason jars and organize your space! You won’t regret it!


Mason jars not only help you to see what is in each jar, but they keep your food fresh. Another great tip is to date each food item, to keep it at it’s best.


Kitchen Cabinets

Sometimes it’s hard to determine if it’s flour, sugar or salt. And you really never want to find out the hard way, after you baked your salty cookies, yuck! Instead take your mason jars, and place labels of what each jar contains. This is not brain surgery and it keeps you out of gross salty cookies! A delightful and delicious choice!



Get crafty with your crafts. Organize all your buttons and place a color chip on top, to identify what color craft lies with in.


Sewing supplies

You can’t get more organized than this! Have the pins placed on top of the DYI pin holder on the lid to the jar. Then you place all your sewing supplies in the jar! Perfect, and easy to use!


School Supplies

It’s no secret, kids are messy. But organizing the crazy will prevent you from going nuts your self and teach them how to put things away in the right spot! I love the labels on each jar! It gives a chalk board, school look! Perfect for kids!



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