Weddings: Budget Friendly Photo Booth

Weddings: Budget Friendly Photo Booth
Your wedding is the most special and important day of your life! However weddings are unfortunately not free. So if you are looking to cut back with out looking like you are? Or if you are the poor bride, but want to have the perks of the rich bride, incorporate the low cost photo booth concept in to your wedding reception.  This will be a fun activity that all your guests will enjoy and remember for years!
Items to gather:
  • Small room
  • Fun hats
  • Glasses
  • Dress up clothing items
  • Disposable cameras
Step 1: Go to a discount clothing store, or borrow items from friends or family.
Step 2: Go to your local party supply store and purchase a bunch of disposable cameras. (Do the math, of have a goal of 3 photos that each couple can use off the camera and see how many cameras you will need based on that.
Step 3: Talk to your venue for your reception, to see if you can utilize a small room and fill it with all your dress up items. (Because you are already renting out that space and the venue will have you and your guests creating a nice profit for them, it is likely they will make this accommodation for you free of cost. If not, it’s likely that any additional cost for this will be extremely low. Another idea, if money is very tight and your venue would want to charge you an additional cost, would be to section off a portion of your space you are renting. You can get cardboard and paint it black and place it in the corner of your space, along with a table or basket full of all your fun items. This will section off the space nicely, but will be free of cost to you.)
Step 4: Since money is tight.I would recommend asking a friend  or two to make sure each guest knows that it is a 3 picture limit and that they will receive their photos later in the mail.


(This will insure your budget is honored and educating your guests on this, so they will not be confused.)
Step 5: Set  certain time slots that the photo booth is available and ensure the DJ markets this to all your guests.
Step 6: You can mail the photos to the guests with the thank you card. This  will bring back great memories and will be a great touch to your thank you note.
Congratulations! You can now check photo booth off your list! You have achieved the perks of the rich bride by creating a low cost photo booth option for your wedding guests! Your guests will love this activty and you and your guests will remember this for years to come!

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