Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Hair color, cut and style trends 2013

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Hair color, cut and style trends 2013

Sick of your hair? Feel like you are either going to shave it or chop it off! Let’s save yourself from all of that and see what the celebrities are doing with their hair for this 2013 year! It’s fabulous, it fresh and it’s you!

Color Trends

Brunette Beauty


A bold, and fresh approach to a brunette’s color. There are  undertones of reds and browns, which allow for a more dynamic hair color.

Punk Rock Divia


Black hair as a base with a pop of two colors allow for a perfect Punk Rock hair color! I love this look! Put some black nail polish on and a hot dress and you are ready to go for the weekend!


The New Bob


The bob has come and gone for years and years. But this year it has come back the best it’s ever been! Chopped really short on one side and longer on the other side helps to create a dramatic approach to the ever trendy bob hair cut.

Blond Ambition


Blonde, thick, and piecey hair flows together perfectly to complete this hot hair trend!

Straight, long bangs


This is the perfect look for most people! From red carpet to your office, you too can carry this trend anywhere you go! Be bold, be furious, get bangs!


Braided Up duo


Braided up dos are a must do! Soft, delicate braids form a perfect trendy up-do, perfect for any occasion!

Every Day Braid


From office to beach! This look adapts with you, instead of you adapting for it. It’s easy to wear it no matter where you go. Add a curl if you want to wear it with an evening dress!

Pony Tail


The messy, ponytail is all the rage this year! Some of us who are not morning ladies can be great ful for this popular trend! It’s easy,  on the go, fabulous style for  an everyday, fabulous you!


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