Interior Design: Easy DYI Theme Candles

Interior Design: Easy DYI Theme Candles


Learn how to make theme candles for Easter  decor’ and party favors for kids birthday! It won’t take you long and everyone will love them!

Easter Candles, Dulce Bella Exclusive

1.)“Glitter me Purple”


Items you’ll need:Candle, glass votive, fabric glitter spray, purple glitter.


1.) Take candle and spray your fabric glitter spray over the entire candle.

2.) Poor purple glitter over candle.

3.) Place in glass votive.

4.) Let dry for 4 hours prior to lighting.

**Tips: Try taking a couple different Easter colors in glitter and make many candles. Then place together on a mirror, with white branches in the center of them. What a perfect little Easter centerpiece!

2.)”Jelly Belly Belly Bean”


Items you’ll need: Jelly beans, candle, glass votive, glitter ribbon.


1.) Poor jelly beans in glass votive so the bottom of the votive is covered.

2.) Place candle on top jelly beans.

3.) Poor remaining jelly beans in votive, so they are to the top of the rime.

4.) Insert glitter ribbon.

**Tip: Separate all the different colored jelly beans out and place each different color in a different votive. Make a couple of them and put them on your window seal. It will be beautiful at night to see the beautiful Easter colors glowing. Also visit:

Girls Birthday Party Favors, Dulce Bella Exclusive

“Princess Glamor”


Items  you’ll need: Princess stickers, glitter, fabric glue, candle, glass votive.


1.) Spray interior of votive with fabric glitter.

2.) Poor glitter in the interior of votive and make sure it gets evenly distributed.

3.)Place princess stickers on the exterior of glass votive.

4.) Place candle inside of the votive.

**Tip: This would be the perfect party gift for a little girls party, if you’re doing a princess theme party.  In the party invite have each girl assigned to be a specific princess. Make each candle be a specific princess. IE: Snow white princess candle. Then when Snow white shows up she gets her very own custom made Snow white candle. Girls will love this! Also, check out:

Boys Birthday Party Favors, Dulce Bella Exclusive

“Pirate’s Adventure”


Items you’ll need: pirate stickers, neutral yarn, candle, glass votive


1.) Take pirate stickers and place them around glass votive.

2.) Take neutral colored yarn and wrap around candle.

3.) Place candle inside votive.

**Tip:  Have the boys all where pirate hats and in each of their candles put a map to a hidden treasure. Put a fake treasure box with chocolate coins, and gummy worms. Place little bags for them to take this candy home with them.  You not only gave them a fun party favor in the beginning, but added to it through a fun activity! This is a fun activity for the boys to do. And hopefully will get all their energy out! Also, visit:


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