Fashion/Hair/Makeup: What’s Hot for your Nails this 2013?

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: What’s Hot for your Nails this 2013?

Are your nails, board, lame and dull? We have the latest and greatest on the hot trends for nails this 2013 year! Be glamorous and fabulous with this years new looks!

Deep, dark and mysterious


If you are thinking that the dark, black nail polish is something more for a vampire to wear, you are sadly mistaken! According to,, that dark nail look you’ve been waiting on your favorite stars and on the runways is all the rage this 2013 year!  But don’t be afraid to try a deep navy blue, or green. Deep, dark colors are very popular and you can pull this look off too!

Light and icy



So not only is that dark look popular this 2013 year, but getting a lighter is also making it’s mark on the runways and on the red carpets! According to,, “light shades of nail polish will also be trendy for this 2013 year!”

Nail Art


I love how art has moved it’s way from canvas to nails! After all, your nails are your personal canvas, make them what you want them to be. But there is no need to have an Art degree. If your eye for detail and design does  not transform your nails into anything other than the equivalent to a first graders rendition of a master piece, then fear not. Many popular name brands make stickers that you simply place on your figures!  According to,” There are amazing deals out there for under $15 per pack, these high-fashion manis are affordable, too. ” Visit: for great deals!


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