Interior Design: Unique/Fun Interior Decor’ Concepts

Interior Design: Unique/Fun Interior Decor’ Concepts

Need a bit of inspiration for your next home improvement project? Here are a couple unique and fun design concepts that will defiantly get you thinking!



Description: Bold and bright colors taken from the rainbow and placed against white and grey, forms a truly beautiful approach to uniting all colors of the rainbow. Perfect for a kids room, college dorm room, play room!

Green and Yellow


Description: Green and yellow in combination form a dynamic duo! I love the way the green color and yellow bunk beds are broken up by a simple white wall and grey flooring! Easy to do with a little paint and bunk bed!



Description: Red is the color of vibrant energy! The color red is perfect for a kitchen, where there is likely always something going on! I love the pure white walls used as a base and how the bright red against it forms a room full of energy and fun!

Multifunctional Stereo System/Wall


Description: What an amazing use of space! The stereo system is the wall! I love it! It’s fresh, and innovative and opens up the room with color and concept!

The Perfect View


Description: Who wouldn’t want to live here. Divine Design concept! The ideal picture window for any outdoor lover. The doorway forms a perfect frame to the backyard, where pool and green grass are the breathtaking and relaxing view. Who wouldn’t want to wake up and have a swim before breakfast here? Ideal for a Summer home!

Home Bar/ Night Club

Living Room Interior Design by Karim Rashid

Description: This design concept is perfect if you want a Night Club feel for your home bar. Who wouldn’t want to go to an event at your house? Young, hip, fresh and fashion forward colors and designs forms the perfect environment for a Night on the town, with out the driving around town!

Whimsical Bath Room


Description: If you are not a morning person, this may be your chance to become one! Vivid lines, twists and turns of wall structures forms a unique wimsical feel. Bright yellow against white will be the perfect awakening to any ones day! If you did wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you will turn around in a good mood in no time with this room’s design effects!


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