Weddings: Unique Place Card Ideas

Weddings: Place Card Ideas

Need unique and fun ideas for place cards for your Wedding? Let’s take a look at a couple fun ideas that will have you and your guests raving!

Wine Bottles


I love the look. It’s perfect for any wedding!



So perfect for a summer wedding! You can do a variety of fruits. Of you

can do a mini pumpkin for a Fall Themed Wedding!

Votive Candles


Continue the romantic day, with votive candle name holders. Great for a

black tie, classy wedding.

Beach Chairs


Destination Wedding? Or maybe you are getting married in the summer at

a beach? Either way, how perfect are these beach chair name holders!



Write the names of your guests on each left, with their table number.

This is perfect for Fall Weddings!

Flower Tree


Elegance, beauty and extravagant! I love this name holder, flower tree.

Perfect for a spring wedding! If you are having a winter wedding, use snowflakes instead!

Perfect Timing

Compasses Liz Marks 0912

I love this watches, with the name of each guest and their table number on it. Perfect

for a beach theme wedding!

Photo Memories


I love this look! Simple and beautiful! Perfect for an outdoor summer wedding, with candles in mason jars

and white lights.

Message in a Bottle


This is perfect for a Beach Wedding, with sandy beaches, beautiful candles and lights.

Lollipop, Lollipop


I love these candy name place holders! They are perfect

for a whimsical themed wedding!



This is perfect for an elegant, spring or summer wedding!

Beautiful white flowers against a silver vase.

Key to my Heart


I love the bright blue name tags, against the antique keys. This is perfect for

a summer wedding.



Apples are healthy, but also so beautiful in color and creative for any country themed wedding.

Wedding Board


Have your guests find their name on this Wedding Board. Make it your own with your color theme for

your wedding!


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