Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Easter/Spring Looks

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Easter/Spring Looks

If you are wondering what is hot to wear this Easter, look no further then here! We will show you great fashion out fit tips for dressing you and your family!

Women’s Fashion

Young and Hip Casual/Dressy Easter Fashion 2013


It’s fresh, it young, and it floral. Floral is beautiful this season and perfect for your Easter outfit. I love the floral pattern on a larger scale!

Dress me up in 2013 Easter Style


One of the many hot spring 2013 looks! And perfect if you want to dress up a bit more for Easter!

Easter 2013 Best

spring fashion-Easter-Sunday-2012-Fashion-Style-Outfit

Pastel colors, with a touch of ruffles that are hot for spring and your Easter look this year!

Men’s Fashion

Young and Hip Easter Trend


This layered look is perfect for any Spring/Easter weather. It’s very simple, but very young and hip.

Casual Easter Dress


Perfect casual  look for your man!

All Dressed up in 2013 Easter Style


I love this grey suit! Perfect for the man in your life’s Easter Best! Great at all ages!

Children’s Easter Fashion

Little Girls Easter Casual


Perfect casual Easter look. I love this lace top, paired with the embellished denim shorts.

Colorful Easter Dress up


This is a perfect look for a little girl’s Easter dress. It’s a dressy but casual material, so it will be comfortable.

Gorgeous Easter Fluff


What a beautiful dress! Perfect rich purple color, with a light  organza material.

Boys Easter Fashion

Casual Easter look for Boys


Cute and casual for your little boy!

Casual Dressy Easter Look


I love the fresh take on a little boy’s outfit this has. Collared shirt, with a unique bow-tie, tapered dress pants, and a high shaft boot.

Baby’s Casual Easter Look


Navy blue stripes on a white background and cute and adorable for any baby to wear this Easter!


Interior Design: Easter’s Decor’ Ideas

Interior Design: Easter’s Decor’ Ideas

Unique Centerpiece


I don’t know about you, but I would rather decorate with my Brussels sprouts then eat them any day.

Easter Mantle


Candles, wreathes and a giant mirror on the fireplace mantle form a beautiful Easter/Spring look. Perfect and easy for any home.



Welcome your guests and decorate your home in style with beautiful Easter/Spring wreathes.

Easter Egg Frame

easter-decor-easter-table-decorations-easter-decorating-ideas-easter-decoration (3)

Take a frame, paint it white and place plastic Easter eggs in the middle of the frame. Some broken and some busting out with flowers and grass. Perfect!

Personalized Easter Egg Tree


Personalize your Easter Egg tree with eggs ornaments.

Table Setting


Have your family and friends over for Easter  with this set up. Plan, and simple, but perfect for spring.


Use your Easter eggs and some flowers, to form the perfect centerpiece!

Weddings: Budget Friendly Photo Booth

Weddings: Budget Friendly Photo Booth
Your wedding is the most special and important day of your life! However weddings are unfortunately not free. So if you are looking to cut back with out looking like you are? Or if you are the poor bride, but want to have the perks of the rich bride, incorporate the low cost photo booth concept in to your wedding reception.  This will be a fun activity that all your guests will enjoy and remember for years!
Items to gather:
  • Small room
  • Fun hats
  • Glasses
  • Dress up clothing items
  • Disposable cameras
Step 1: Go to a discount clothing store, or borrow items from friends or family.
Step 2: Go to your local party supply store and purchase a bunch of disposable cameras. (Do the math, of have a goal of 3 photos that each couple can use off the camera and see how many cameras you will need based on that.
Step 3: Talk to your venue for your reception, to see if you can utilize a small room and fill it with all your dress up items. (Because you are already renting out that space and the venue will have you and your guests creating a nice profit for them, it is likely they will make this accommodation for you free of cost. If not, it’s likely that any additional cost for this will be extremely low. Another idea, if money is very tight and your venue would want to charge you an additional cost, would be to section off a portion of your space you are renting. You can get cardboard and paint it black and place it in the corner of your space, along with a table or basket full of all your fun items. This will section off the space nicely, but will be free of cost to you.)
Step 4: Since money is tight.I would recommend asking a friend  or two to make sure each guest knows that it is a 3 picture limit and that they will receive their photos later in the mail.


(This will insure your budget is honored and educating your guests on this, so they will not be confused.)
Step 5: Set  certain time slots that the photo booth is available and ensure the DJ markets this to all your guests.
Step 6: You can mail the photos to the guests with the thank you card. This  will bring back great memories and will be a great touch to your thank you note.
Congratulations! You can now check photo booth off your list! You have achieved the perks of the rich bride by creating a low cost photo booth option for your wedding guests! Your guests will love this activty and you and your guests will remember this for years to come!

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Hair color, cut and style trends 2013

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Hair color, cut and style trends 2013

Sick of your hair? Feel like you are either going to shave it or chop it off! Let’s save yourself from all of that and see what the celebrities are doing with their hair for this 2013 year! It’s fabulous, it fresh and it’s you!

Color Trends

Brunette Beauty


A bold, and fresh approach to a brunette’s color. There are  undertones of reds and browns, which allow for a more dynamic hair color.

Punk Rock Divia


Black hair as a base with a pop of two colors allow for a perfect Punk Rock hair color! I love this look! Put some black nail polish on and a hot dress and you are ready to go for the weekend!


The New Bob


The bob has come and gone for years and years. But this year it has come back the best it’s ever been! Chopped really short on one side and longer on the other side helps to create a dramatic approach to the ever trendy bob hair cut.

Blond Ambition


Blonde, thick, and piecey hair flows together perfectly to complete this hot hair trend!

Straight, long bangs


This is the perfect look for most people! From red carpet to your office, you too can carry this trend anywhere you go! Be bold, be furious, get bangs!


Braided Up duo


Braided up dos are a must do! Soft, delicate braids form a perfect trendy up-do, perfect for any occasion!

Every Day Braid


From office to beach! This look adapts with you, instead of you adapting for it. It’s easy to wear it no matter where you go. Add a curl if you want to wear it with an evening dress!

Pony Tail


The messy, ponytail is all the rage this year! Some of us who are not morning ladies can be great ful for this popular trend! It’s easy,  on the go, fabulous style for  an everyday, fabulous you!

Interior Design: Easy DYI Theme Candles

Interior Design: Easy DYI Theme Candles


Learn how to make theme candles for Easter  decor’ and party favors for kids birthday! It won’t take you long and everyone will love them!

Easter Candles, Dulce Bella Exclusive

1.)“Glitter me Purple”


Items you’ll need:Candle, glass votive, fabric glitter spray, purple glitter.


1.) Take candle and spray your fabric glitter spray over the entire candle.

2.) Poor purple glitter over candle.

3.) Place in glass votive.

4.) Let dry for 4 hours prior to lighting.

**Tips: Try taking a couple different Easter colors in glitter and make many candles. Then place together on a mirror, with white branches in the center of them. What a perfect little Easter centerpiece!

2.)”Jelly Belly Belly Bean”


Items you’ll need: Jelly beans, candle, glass votive, glitter ribbon.


1.) Poor jelly beans in glass votive so the bottom of the votive is covered.

2.) Place candle on top jelly beans.

3.) Poor remaining jelly beans in votive, so they are to the top of the rime.

4.) Insert glitter ribbon.

**Tip: Separate all the different colored jelly beans out and place each different color in a different votive. Make a couple of them and put them on your window seal. It will be beautiful at night to see the beautiful Easter colors glowing. Also visit:

Girls Birthday Party Favors, Dulce Bella Exclusive

“Princess Glamor”


Items  you’ll need: Princess stickers, glitter, fabric glue, candle, glass votive.


1.) Spray interior of votive with fabric glitter.

2.) Poor glitter in the interior of votive and make sure it gets evenly distributed.

3.)Place princess stickers on the exterior of glass votive.

4.) Place candle inside of the votive.

**Tip: This would be the perfect party gift for a little girls party, if you’re doing a princess theme party.  In the party invite have each girl assigned to be a specific princess. Make each candle be a specific princess. IE: Snow white princess candle. Then when Snow white shows up she gets her very own custom made Snow white candle. Girls will love this! Also, check out:

Boys Birthday Party Favors, Dulce Bella Exclusive

“Pirate’s Adventure”


Items you’ll need: pirate stickers, neutral yarn, candle, glass votive


1.) Take pirate stickers and place them around glass votive.

2.) Take neutral colored yarn and wrap around candle.

3.) Place candle inside votive.

**Tip:  Have the boys all where pirate hats and in each of their candles put a map to a hidden treasure. Put a fake treasure box with chocolate coins, and gummy worms. Place little bags for them to take this candy home with them.  You not only gave them a fun party favor in the beginning, but added to it through a fun activity! This is a fun activity for the boys to do. And hopefully will get all their energy out! Also, visit:

Weddings: Wedding Centerpieces!

Weddings: Wedding Centerpieces!

What season will your wedding be in? We have great centerpiece ides for: Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer! Look around and find what your your centerpieces will be!

Fall Wedding

Fall Centerpieces wedding

Description: I love this centerpiece. The elements of it are not fancy, but when placed together are an extravagant vision! Leaves are placed inside the tall, narrow, clear vase, as a series of branches are placed in to the vase. This makes for a very elegant, classy and


Description: Beautiful rich and full Fall colors are displayed in each each flower. I love the unique decorative pieces on both sides of the centerpiece. These decorative pieces add elements of design and texture that complement the flowers perfectly! Just gorgeous!


Description: Straight, clean, lines form a perfect look for a Fall/Modern Wedding theme! I love the glass table and votive candles! So simple, but so beautiful in overall design concept!

Winter Wedding


Description: Light, fluffy, fresh and elegant baby’s breath says welcome to our winter event of the season! Your guests will love this simple but classy look! It’s also a really budget friendly centerpiece approach!


Description: Orchards are one of my favorite flowers. They are elegant, graceful, rich and beautiful! Paring them together in a centerpiece for a wedding, coupled with white candle sticks is perfect for an elegant Winter Wedding!


Description:  Extravagant beauty! What a gorgeous and perfect Winter Wedding Centerpiece! I love the flowers hanging from the ceiling, completing this winter wonderland look!

Extravagant Summer /Spring Wedding


Description: As a bride, you want your wedding to be extraordinary and to take your breathe away as much as your future husband does. These beautiful Spring/Summer Wedding looks will do just that! Flowers hanging from the ceiling, as chandlers float from with in.


Description: Vegas meets your wedding! If you want a hot, innovative style to your wedding theme, with out looking trashy, you have found the perfect centerpiece!

Fruit Centerpiece 11

Description: Fruit Centerpieces! Simple and a bold statement you and your guests will love! Fruit is placed in the class vase, as yellow flowers are placed directly into the vase to form a light, Summer/Spring Wedding centerpiece!

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: What’s Hot for your Nails this 2013?

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: What’s Hot for your Nails this 2013?

Are your nails, board, lame and dull? We have the latest and greatest on the hot trends for nails this 2013 year! Be glamorous and fabulous with this years new looks!

Deep, dark and mysterious


If you are thinking that the dark, black nail polish is something more for a vampire to wear, you are sadly mistaken! According to,, that dark nail look you’ve been waiting on your favorite stars and on the runways is all the rage this 2013 year!  But don’t be afraid to try a deep navy blue, or green. Deep, dark colors are very popular and you can pull this look off too!

Light and icy



So not only is that dark look popular this 2013 year, but getting a lighter is also making it’s mark on the runways and on the red carpets! According to,, “light shades of nail polish will also be trendy for this 2013 year!”

Nail Art


I love how art has moved it’s way from canvas to nails! After all, your nails are your personal canvas, make them what you want them to be. But there is no need to have an Art degree. If your eye for detail and design does  not transform your nails into anything other than the equivalent to a first graders rendition of a master piece, then fear not. Many popular name brands make stickers that you simply place on your figures!  According to,” There are amazing deals out there for under $15 per pack, these high-fashion manis are affordable, too. ” Visit: for great deals!