Interior Design: Decorate your space with shoes!

Interior Design: Decorate your space with shoes!

Okay, so maybe you are thinking decorating with shoes is a bit of a stretch, but let’s take a few minutes to discover the possibilities this design concept can have for your space. You can also use any of these design concepts for a theme party! Please note, using new shoes would be ideal, however if your old shoes are clean enough then use those!

Decorate with Shoes

Flower Pot

Items you will need: Real or fake flowers of your choice, shoes of your choice, mini flower pots, plastic tarps, Styrofoam. (Note, this particular design concept is ideal for a garden themed room, party, or green house. But remember, you are the designer, it’s all up to you to make your space perfect for you!)



1.) After your room and room theme have been established, take your shoes and place theme on a plastic tarp.

2.) Flowers: there are 2 options.

a.) Option1: If you are going to use real flowers then, place a piece of plastic tarp with in the shoe, for when you water it. Place your flowers in soil and then in your pot, and then place in shoe. Flower the appropriate planting instructions for the flower you picked.

b.) Option2: If you chose fake flowers, your job is much easier. Place styrofoam with in the shoe and then place your flowers in the styrofoam. After you make your arrangement, place with in your space.


Jewelery Boxes

Items you will need: your jewelery, a few pairs of shoes of your likely, shelving units, large mirror.


1.) Place your mirror in the center of your chosen wall.


2.) Arrange your shelving units around the mirror.


3.) Place your chosen shoes in the shelving units. They style and colorway is dependent on your overall theme of your room. This concept is ideal for a boutique/fashion theme. However, if you have a garden room theme, then you can get garden shoes. The possibilities are endless.



3.)It’s time to categorize your jewelry. Place all like items together. Each category will get it’s own shoe.


4.) Once you have established your categories, it’s time to place all your pieces in the right shoes.

5.) You are finished. You have created a work of art that is fashion forward, innovative and fun. It will brighten up your room and be the talk among all your friends!


Magazine Holder

Items you will need: Magazines, rubber bands, spray paint (color of choice) your chosen shoes.


1.) After you have chosen your room  and theme of room, you can decide what type of shoe and what color to spray paint your shoe. I would recommend a boot of some kind. Place your chosen shoes on a plastic tarp and spray paint your shoes. Wait the appropriate time for drying to bring them in the your space for the following steps. (For example of room theme: I recommend a country theme, using cowboy boots. You could use old wooden crates to house books in and place the shoes on top with your magazines in them. How cute!)


2.) Take your favorite magazines and place rubber bands, loosely around each one. Then place in spray painted shoes.


3.) Place strategically around your space, were it is easy to reach and read for you and your guests.

4.) This unique design concept will be fun to do and fun to look at in your space.


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