Interior Design: Valentines Day Decor’ Tips

Interior Design: Valentines Day Decor’ Tips

Valentines’ Day Decoration is so easy. You only need some red construction paper and a little creativity! Let’s explore a couple  Valentines’ Day decoration tips for your space today!

Kitchen Center Piece


Items you will need: red and black chargers (plates), red, patterned box, vintage mirror, two clear vases, wine corks, red berries and white pearls, sticks, cut out hearts and yarn or ribbon, hole punch.


1.) Stack red and black chargers (plates) on top of each other.

2.)Then place decorative box on top and then the vintage mirror on top of that.

3.) Fill both glass vases with wine corks.

4.)Then place your red berries, pearls and sticks in one vase.

5.)Finally take your red heart cut outs and place on yarn or ribbon and place on sticks of the arrangement.


Heart Garland


Items you will need: Yarn/Ribbon, Red construction paper, hole punch.


1.) Cut yarn or ribbon to fit the size of your window.

2.) Take your red construction paper and cut heart shapes out.

3.) Take your hole punch, and punch a hole in the center of the heart.

4.) Place yarn or ribbon through each hole in the hearts.

5.) Take tape and place on the back of each heart to secure to the yarn or ribbon.

6.) Tie each end to the curtain rod.


Heart Tree


Items you will need: large vases, Styrofoam,  white branches, red heart cut outs, hole punch.


1.) Place Styrofoam in center o vase. Make sure it is secure.

2.) Place white branches in, one by one, to create your look.

3.) Place red heart cut outs through the thinnest branches.

4.) Place several around your house to add a sweet and beautiful touch to your space.


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