Weddings: Cakes!

Are you looking to decide on wedding cakes? There are so many options that it can make your head spin a bit. Here are a couple unique and beautiful cake options to consider for your special wedding day!



Try something different with this cake choice. Layers of thinly cut cake, with exposed frosting, creates a very textured and new approach on a cake. Place a flower on top to bring the concept together.

Purple Pretty


This elegant three tier cake choice has beautiful purple flowers placed on a white base. Swirls of black designs, adds an additional flare to the cake!

Peacock Theme


Made by Carol

A black and white, swirl design pattern, with accents of the bright and rich colors of peacock feathers create a trendy and beautiful cake choice!

Elegant Swirls


Beautiful middle piece of grey swirls of design, are sandwiched by simple white layers of cake. A beautiful way to be simple and elegant.

Modern Blue


These unique circle cup-shapes, with pearl bead accents, against the white cake layers creates a clean, modern and unique cake choice.

Flower Power


This is a traditional four layer wedding cake, with a beautiful branch with white flowers wrapped around. This creates a simple, but pretty cake choice. Great for a Spring Wedding!

Green and Black


Each layer of the cake is different in design, which creates a really unique and beautiful piece of artwork. Green and black colors are great for Summer weddings.


Topsy turvy wedding cakes decorated with silver

I love the whimsical feel of this cake, with the layers all tipping and turning. A great piece of art!

I want Candy!


This cake is perfect for a Summer theme wedding! It’s youthful and fun. Great if you decide to be a little different and go with a candy theme for your wedding.


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