Interior Design: Unique Wall Art

Interior Design: Unique Wall Art

Art you sick of the same old art pieces on your wall? Let’s look at a couple new approaches on wall art!

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
Thomas Merton

Red High Heal


Red, elegant and trendy shoe, coupled with a small person holding an umbrella. Although strange in concept, looks unique and in the right space would be the perfect focal piece to your space.


Picture Collage Staircase

wall art id

Perking up your white walls with a picture collage, creates your own DIY wall paper!



unique wall art

Bright pops of contrasting colors, on white walls create great depth. The unique design that the paint strokes create, allow great eye movement.


Vintage Numbers

number art

Each painting combined, forms a unique piece of artwork as a whole on a wall. I love the contrast of the black numbers against the vintage, distressed background.


Optical Illusion

tree art

Optical illusion art is one of my favorite types of art. It challenges your eyes, which in the world of art is a very good thing. In one view you see two simple trees, however in another view you are able to see two people looking at each other.


Silver Impact


These series of metal artwork pieces form a greater image when placed side by side. I love the dimension you see when viewing them as a whole.


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