Weddings: Wedding Check list

Weddings: Wedding Check List


It’s no secret of how much there is to do to create your special Wedding day. It can be confusing and frustrating, until you get a Wedding Check list. Wedding Check lists will help ensure you are on schedule, and if you are missing something. Most importantly, they will help you to go to that crazy place, many of use like to call, the bridezilla zone. No one wants you there and you should not be there. This is your special day, and the first day to the rest of your new life with your new husband. Let’s make it a special day to remember!

The Wedding Check List

According to, they recommend a well detailed check off list for your wedding, to keep you and your budget in line. This particular check off list is based on a 12 month period of time.

12 or More Months Before

1.)Determine potential dates and times for your wedding.

2.)Decide on the size, formality and setting of your wedding.

3.)Create a wedding and engagement budget.


4.)Reserve the locations for your wedding and reception.


5.)Meet with and book your wedding officiant or clergy.

6.)Choose your wedding party and confirm the participants.

7.)Choose your wedding rings.


8.)Draw up an initial guest list.

guest list

9.)Organize your engagement party.

9–12 Months Before

Order your wedding dress and attendants’ attire.


Book your photographer and videographer.

Reserve a caterer.


Arrange for decor, chair covers and linens.

Book your live entertainment or DJ.

Reserve your florist.


Order your wedding cake.

Reserve any rental items from the rental company.

Register your gift choices at your favourite stores.

Research accommodation for out-of-town guests.

Plan your honeymoon.


6–9 Months Before

Decide on your menu.

Reserve the musicians and soloist for your ceremony.

Reserve your limousine service.


Order your invitations and any other stationery.


Order wedding favours for your guests.

Choose outfits for mother of the bride and mother of the groom.

Check marriage licence requirement

3–6 Months Before

Finalize your guest list.

Choose the reader for your ceremony.

Finalize your order with the florist.

Reserve the men’s wedding attire.


Make an appointment with your hairdress


2 Months Before

Mail the invitations.

Decide on your wedding vows or compose your own.

Finalize the reception menus.

Confirm the wedding details with the musicians and clergy or officiant.


Have the programs printed.

Purchase gifts for parents and attendants.


Make appointments for nails and make-up.

Schedule final dress fitting.

1 Month Before

Apply for a marriage licence.

marriage license 3

Plan the rehearsal dinner.

Meet with photographer and videographer.


2 Weeks Before

Have a party for the attendants.

Draft the speeches.

Finalize reception details.

Call any guests who have not replied.

Meet with your hairdresser and make-up artist for consultation.


Deliver song lists to musicians or playlists to disc jockey.

Confirm honeymoon reservations.

1 Week Before

Finalize seating plan.

wedding seating chart

Determine the order for the procession.

Have your rehearsal.

Confirm accommodation reservations.

Pick up the attire for the groomsmen.

Confirm the final numbers with the caterer.

Confirm details with the limousine company.

Deliver your marriage licence to the officiant.

Draw up a seating arrangement for the reception and write out the place cards.

Choose someone to hand out the bombonieres or wedding favours.


Choose someone to return any rented items after the wedding.

Write any cheques required for the wedding day.

Pack for your honeymoon

honeymoon list

On the Day

wedding db   IMG_7234

Give the wedding bands to the best man.

Give the best man any cheques that need to be given out that day.

Present the attendants and parents with their gifts.

Relax and enjoy your special day!

After the Wedding

Make a gift list and send out your thank-you notes.

Send thank-you letters to suppliers and attendants.


If you are changing your name, you can purchase a kit to make the job easy.

Arrange for cleaning and preservation of your gown.



Interior Design: Decorate your space with shoes!

Interior Design: Decorate your space with shoes!

Okay, so maybe you are thinking decorating with shoes is a bit of a stretch, but let’s take a few minutes to discover the possibilities this design concept can have for your space. You can also use any of these design concepts for a theme party! Please note, using new shoes would be ideal, however if your old shoes are clean enough then use those!

Decorate with Shoes

Flower Pot

Items you will need: Real or fake flowers of your choice, shoes of your choice, mini flower pots, plastic tarps, Styrofoam. (Note, this particular design concept is ideal for a garden themed room, party, or green house. But remember, you are the designer, it’s all up to you to make your space perfect for you!)



1.) After your room and room theme have been established, take your shoes and place theme on a plastic tarp.

2.) Flowers: there are 2 options.

a.) Option1: If you are going to use real flowers then, place a piece of plastic tarp with in the shoe, for when you water it. Place your flowers in soil and then in your pot, and then place in shoe. Flower the appropriate planting instructions for the flower you picked.

b.) Option2: If you chose fake flowers, your job is much easier. Place styrofoam with in the shoe and then place your flowers in the styrofoam. After you make your arrangement, place with in your space.


Jewelery Boxes

Items you will need: your jewelery, a few pairs of shoes of your likely, shelving units, large mirror.


1.) Place your mirror in the center of your chosen wall.


2.) Arrange your shelving units around the mirror.


3.) Place your chosen shoes in the shelving units. They style and colorway is dependent on your overall theme of your room. This concept is ideal for a boutique/fashion theme. However, if you have a garden room theme, then you can get garden shoes. The possibilities are endless.



3.)It’s time to categorize your jewelry. Place all like items together. Each category will get it’s own shoe.


4.) Once you have established your categories, it’s time to place all your pieces in the right shoes.

5.) You are finished. You have created a work of art that is fashion forward, innovative and fun. It will brighten up your room and be the talk among all your friends!


Magazine Holder

Items you will need: Magazines, rubber bands, spray paint (color of choice) your chosen shoes.


1.) After you have chosen your room  and theme of room, you can decide what type of shoe and what color to spray paint your shoe. I would recommend a boot of some kind. Place your chosen shoes on a plastic tarp and spray paint your shoes. Wait the appropriate time for drying to bring them in the your space for the following steps. (For example of room theme: I recommend a country theme, using cowboy boots. You could use old wooden crates to house books in and place the shoes on top with your magazines in them. How cute!)


2.) Take your favorite magazines and place rubber bands, loosely around each one. Then place in spray painted shoes.


3.) Place strategically around your space, were it is easy to reach and read for you and your guests.

4.) This unique design concept will be fun to do and fun to look at in your space.

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Shoes, Shoes and Shoes

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Shoes, Shoes and Shoes

Love shoes? A shoe is not like any other shoe, each is unique and beautiful! Be inspired by a couple unique styles below!

I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.
Oprah Winfrey


























Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Valentines’ Day Head to toe Look

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Valentines’ Day Head to toe Look

What are you wearing for Valentines’ Day? Here is a great outfit that says, you are ready for the big day!


Red Ruffle neck dress and Black belts, from Francescas.


Black and red, patten leather, open toe pumps, from Target


Black Purse


Black, lace earrings, with diamond center, and Sliver flower cocktail ring


Red Nail polish, Mani- kit


Charcoal Grey eye shadow palette, from ELF Cosmetics


Interior Design: Valentines Day Decor’ Tips

Interior Design: Valentines Day Decor’ Tips

Valentines’ Day Decoration is so easy. You only need some red construction paper and a little creativity! Let’s explore a couple  Valentines’ Day decoration tips for your space today!

Kitchen Center Piece


Items you will need: red and black chargers (plates), red, patterned box, vintage mirror, two clear vases, wine corks, red berries and white pearls, sticks, cut out hearts and yarn or ribbon, hole punch.


1.) Stack red and black chargers (plates) on top of each other.

2.)Then place decorative box on top and then the vintage mirror on top of that.

3.) Fill both glass vases with wine corks.

4.)Then place your red berries, pearls and sticks in one vase.

5.)Finally take your red heart cut outs and place on yarn or ribbon and place on sticks of the arrangement.


Heart Garland


Items you will need: Yarn/Ribbon, Red construction paper, hole punch.


1.) Cut yarn or ribbon to fit the size of your window.

2.) Take your red construction paper and cut heart shapes out.

3.) Take your hole punch, and punch a hole in the center of the heart.

4.) Place yarn or ribbon through each hole in the hearts.

5.) Take tape and place on the back of each heart to secure to the yarn or ribbon.

6.) Tie each end to the curtain rod.


Heart Tree


Items you will need: large vases, Styrofoam,  white branches, red heart cut outs, hole punch.


1.) Place Styrofoam in center o vase. Make sure it is secure.

2.) Place white branches in, one by one, to create your look.

3.) Place red heart cut outs through the thinnest branches.

4.) Place several around your house to add a sweet and beautiful touch to your space.

Interior Design: Vintage Wine bottle Candles

Interior Design: Vintage Wine bottle Candles


Items you will need: Wine bottles, candles, lighter, cream yarn, sand paper.


1.) Sand paper the label of the wine bottle, to create an vintage look to the label.

2.) Place candle in the wine bottle.

3.) Take the lighter to the candle and melt the candle so the candle wax drips down on the wine bottle. This will also secure the candle to the bottle.

4.) Place cream yarn between candle and opening of bottle.

5.) Take the lighter to the candle again, to create additional wax drips down the wine bottle. This will also secure the yarn to the candle.


Weddings: Cakes!

Are you looking to decide on wedding cakes? There are so many options that it can make your head spin a bit. Here are a couple unique and beautiful cake options to consider for your special wedding day!



Try something different with this cake choice. Layers of thinly cut cake, with exposed frosting, creates a very textured and new approach on a cake. Place a flower on top to bring the concept together.

Purple Pretty


This elegant three tier cake choice has beautiful purple flowers placed on a white base. Swirls of black designs, adds an additional flare to the cake!

Peacock Theme


Made by Carol

A black and white, swirl design pattern, with accents of the bright and rich colors of peacock feathers create a trendy and beautiful cake choice!

Elegant Swirls


Beautiful middle piece of grey swirls of design, are sandwiched by simple white layers of cake. A beautiful way to be simple and elegant.

Modern Blue


These unique circle cup-shapes, with pearl bead accents, against the white cake layers creates a clean, modern and unique cake choice.

Flower Power


This is a traditional four layer wedding cake, with a beautiful branch with white flowers wrapped around. This creates a simple, but pretty cake choice. Great for a Spring Wedding!

Green and Black


Each layer of the cake is different in design, which creates a really unique and beautiful piece of artwork. Green and black colors are great for Summer weddings.


Topsy turvy wedding cakes decorated with silver

I love the whimsical feel of this cake, with the layers all tipping and turning. A great piece of art!

I want Candy!


This cake is perfect for a Summer theme wedding! It’s youthful and fun. Great if you decide to be a little different and go with a candy theme for your wedding.