Fashion/Hair/Makeup: How to color block your outfit.

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: How to color block your outfit.

Color blocking is all the rage this 2013 Spring/ Summer Season. You will find designers are placing blocks of colors together in one dress, top, skirt, etc. Let’s say you want to venture out and color block your outfit on your own! We will discuss color 101 and how to achieve color blocking in your outfits for this season’s latest trend!

color blocking

Color 101

color wheel

Before we discuss outfit color blocking, let’s discuss the color wheel. The color wheel is made up of three colors: RED/BLUE/YELLOW. It is during the mixture of this colors in different proportions that you gain, the remainder colors: orange, purple, green, pink. The colors: orange, yellow, red are warm colors. The colors: blue, purple, green are cool colors. In the Interior Design world, each of these colors has a different emotional feel. Designers will use cool  colors to invoke a calm and relaxing feel to a space, and others will use warm colors to create a room that gives the feeling of high energy. In the business world, you will often find companies will utilize the colors RED/ORANGE in their marketing strategies, to create a sense of urgency to purchase. Contrasting color combinations are formed when you take two separate colors from the opposing sides of the color wheel and place them next to each other. For example you can do: Orange and Blue, Red and Green, or Yellow and Purple. Let’s dig into the fashion world now and learn some great combinations for color blocking your outfit!

Color Blocked Outfits

Orange and Blue


Pops of blue against the bright orange background create a perfect color block out fit! Orange and blue are two opposing colors from the color wheel, which create a great feel of contrast and depth in the overall outfit concept. Notice the model’s outfit displays balance and rhythm as well, through having both a belt and necklace.

Red and Green

red n green

I love the deep red combined with the light green skirt and topped off with a great pair of patten leather shoes! Red and green are opposing colors on the color wheel. In this particular combination, you see there is a bright red and a light sage green color. Do not be afraid to explore other shades of the opposing colors! It does not just have to be bright green and bright red, feel free to do different shades of the colors. Just make sure they are opposing colors.

Yellow and Purple


Megan Fox demonstrates a great color blocking outfit! The beautiful purple is combined with a bright pop of yellow to complete the look. Yellow and purple are opposing colors on the color wheel and when placed in an outfit, create depth and dimension.


We have discussed that color blocking this 2013 Spring/Summer Season does not have to be already made for you in a dress, skirt, top by the designer. Be your own designer and create a color blocked outfit today!


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