Weddings: How to be a great Maid of Honor!

Weddings: How to be a great Maid of Honor!

Okay, so besides the bride, being a maid of honor is a heavy load to bear. She is your best friend and you do not want to let her down. So how do you make sure that she has a great wedding planning, per-celebration process and fantastic wedding day? Although it is not all up to you to determine her happiness, it is your responsibility to help her be happy and have fun!

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Guidelines for Maid of Honors


1.) Check on the bride maybe once a week to see where they are in their planning. If she is not independent in the planning process, ask her what responsibility that you can be in charge of. If she gives you too many, hire a friend or two to help complete the tasks. Never say, oh wow that’s too much!  Because in comparison to all the bride has to do, it’s really not what she needs to hear and it’s just not appropriate. Now if she goes bridezilla on you, then it’s time for a nice chat with a cocktail to explain you are her maid of honor, not maid:)


2.) Plan a wedding friend shower for her. Coordinate all her bridesmaids together and plan a fun, shower where she can relax and have a great time. Always plan the theme of any event you do pre-wedding around the bride’s wedding theme. Otherwise, it’s just tacky and odd. If the bride picks, hot pink and zebra patterns for her theme, then make it fun and work with it!

3.) Plan the Bachelorette party! Oh this is my favorite part to plan and to attend! This is where the bride will be able to feel most like herself. Think of her first. If she is a quite girl, who is more of an introvert and prefers reading books on the weekends than partying in the clubs, than going out to the clubs is a giant, NO! Get inside her head, understand what would she do for fun! If she’s more introverted than plan a beautiful dinner/desert party out with all her girls. Either way, make sure you make it about her and what she wants. For the theme of the party, you can feel free to go in a different direction than her wedding theme.Bachelorette parties are an animal all of their own, so make the theme fun and sassy, to fit her!


4.) Construct Sentimental Gifts. The bride is likely full of stress and emotion during this planning process. But a lot of that emotion is because she cares so much about her hubby to be and wants the day to be very special. I great way to honor that emotion and honor her as your friend is through sentimental gifts. What does that mean? At the wedding shower you plan, present her with a  love letter, written from her hubby to be. This will bring her to tears and help her know how much her hubby loves her. Also get the bridesmaids together and construct a photo album of great times that the bride has had with each of her bridesmaids. Present it to her on her wedding day!


Week of Wedding

1.) Ensure the bride is ready to go. Ask her if there are any last minute details that need to be taken care of and take what you can from the list to relive her of stress. Sometimes, the week of the wedding can be insane for the bride. Maybe she has family coming in town that need to stay with her, etc.. Maybe offer your place as an additional option for some family to stay, in case of emergency.


2.) Something, borrowed and blue and new. Ensure the bride has all her little sentimental and traditional items for the wedding day. If she doesn’t, provide them for her. Something borrowed can be a hair clip you have. Something blue , can be a blue ribbon that she can place on her flower bouquet. Something new can be here wedding ring.


3.) 7 days of gifts.  Have one gift per day, for her to open, on the week of the wedding. This will make her week even more special. They do not have to be expensive, just thoughtful. Ideas: picture of her hubby to be and her in a special frame, decorative soap, shower gel, perfume, jewelery. She will appreciate your heart in this.


Day of Wedding

1.) Okay, one simple rule for the day of the wedding, be there for her. You do not have to wait on her hand and foot, but check up on her every once and while and see if she needs water, a snack. Anything at all. Just be there for her.

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Being the maid of honor comes with a lot of responsibility. However, it is truly an honor to be that women in her life. Do it with class and most importantly just be a good friend to her!


2 thoughts on “Weddings: How to be a great Maid of Honor!

  1. I am going to be the maid of honor for my best friend this coming August and these tips are very helpful. I have been searching around for how to be a good maid of honor so she has an awesome wedding.

    • Jenny: I’m so happy that our advice helped you! The most important thing to remember, is to make her feel like she is the princess that she has always dreamed of being. For great gift ideas search on They have low cost gifts for her or decoration for parties too! Good luck! You will be a great Maid of Honor!:)

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